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You have found your online source for the highest quality incense in the world, and at some of the most affordable prices and finest customer service you will find anywhere on the Internet.

We are dedicated to searching the world for and obtaining only the finest natural organic handcrafted incense and other fragrance products. We make a concerted effort to ensure that all of our products are manufactured with a sincere awareness and sensitivity towards the employees, their family, community and maintain a deep respect toward the local and global ecological environment.

This is the place to buy any and all types, kinds and varieties of incense, as well as pure resins, aromatic oils, sage and smudge sticks, accessories, and much, much more. Whether you are looking for incense for everyday use or special occasions, for mediation or inspiration, for cleansing your environment or for enhancing relaxation, you will find what you need here.

We hope that your visit here will be educational and inspirational, and to meet that goal we have tried to provide as much information as possible about all of our offerings. We personally evaluate and review most of what we sell. We have intimately experienced the best Japanese, Indian, Tibetan and new world incenses, and are constantly upgrading and expanding our lines. Please take the time to browse the site and learn all you can – and then try something new, or replenish a cherished favorite. Namaste'

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You will not find any finer incense product on the market than those made in the land of the rising sun - the production process there is ancient, and the companies that create these sublime fragrances have been doing so for over 300 years. Their extensive knowledge and understanding of the incense manufacturing processes allow these artisans to attain a degree of perfection that mere attempts to imitate in modern times cannot begin to equal. The extremely high quality of these wonderfully exceptional products have led many a connoisseur of incense to define them as the work of “A Fine Art.”

Japanese Incense making demands significant skill and attention, in addition to an encyclopedic knowledge of ingredients, proportions, and effects. The expert blending of traditional components is done to ensure proper balance and superiority. Made by incredibly skilled artisans, these secret methods and formulations have been passed down through an oral tradition over hundreds of years.

The two most common ingredients in Japanese Incense are Sandalwood, cultivated and produced mainly in India and Malaysia, and the rare and treasured Agarwood (also known as aloeswood). These are both prized for their magnificently unique and remarkable aromas and are used as a base for most Japanese recipes. Benzoin, the sweet balsamic, and the crystalline Borneo Camphor, plus many other precious ingredients are also employed because of their essential qualities and pleasurable aromas. Some of the other ingredients used by Japanese incense makers include Star Anise, Frankincense, Myrrh, Ginger Lily, Cloves and Cinnamon Bark. All of these are carefully chosen to be of the highest purity and quality available, and blended by the masters of the craft. Give these exquisite products a try and your senses will never be the same!

Incense, known as ‘Agarbatti’ in Hindi, has been used since ancient times in India for medicinal purposes, for meditation enhancement, and for accompanying spiritual exercises, rituals and ceremonies. Indian Incense has a very long history – it is referred to as early as 5,000 BC in Vedic scriptures, and in the modern era these writings have brought the historical importance of incense to light.

Indian incense is well known around the world as being crafted and lovingly produced within a rich body of traditional practices. Because the origin of these methods and the proper use of incense reach back into the mists of the past, Indian incense is also widely recognized as the mother of the art. India has also been a leader in instilling the value and benefit of using incense in its citizenry at a very early age.

When you try our Indian products, you are sure to be delighted by the great array of ingredients such as rare aromatic woods like Sandalwood and Oud (Agarwood), exotic spices, natural resins, essential oils and fragrant herbal botanical products. All of these components are carefully blended, hand-rolled, creatively packaged, and are featured in our fantastic selection of World-famous and highly cherished traditional and contemporary Indian incense brands.

Traditional production methods date back hundreds of years, and are often passed down from generation to generation in the form of spiritual Tibetan and Nepalese texts. The combination of distinctive therapeutic and medicinal ingredients gives this incense its distinct character and healing abilities. These ancient formulas look to nature as a source of completely natural components derived from indigenous flowers, herbs, resins, aromatic woods and minerals that when burned, produce a fragrance that helps to calm, sooth, relax and heal.

Tibetan, Bhutanese and Nepalese incense varieties are usually made without a stick as a core, so are considered to be purer and more potent than other incense varieties. It is important to note that Tibetan incenses contain no artificial ingredients and are made purely with natural elements, at times including as many 30 or more different natural components such as sandalwood, magnolia, hibiscus, jasmine and other flowers blended with different Himalayan herbs. With such a recipe, the primary characteristic is the earthy and natural aroma. Don't miss out on this opportunity for a new experience in an ancient tradition! Enjoy!
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