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Welcome to Incense Incense!

You have found your online source for the highest quality incense in the world, and at some of the most affordable prices and finest customer service you will find anywhere on the Internet. We are dedicated to searching the world for and obtaining only the finest natural organic handcrafted incense and other fragrance products. We make a concerted effort to ensure that all of our products are manufactured with a sincere awareness and sensitivity towards the employees, their family, community and maintain a deep respect toward the local and global ecological environment.

This is the place to buy any and all types, kinds and varieties of incense, as well as pure resins, aromatic oils, sage and smudge sticks, accessories, and much, much more. Whether you are looking for incense for everyday use or special occasions, for mediation or inspiration, for cleansing your environment or for enhancing relaxation, you will find what you need here.

We hope that your visit here will be educational and inspirational, and to meet that goal we have tried to provide as much information as possible about all of our offerings. We personally evaluate and review most of what we sell. We have intimately experienced the best Japanese, Indian, Tibetan and new world incenses, and are constantly upgrading and expanding our lines. Please take the time to browse the site and learn all you can – and then try something new, or replenish a cherished favorite. Namaste'

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Japanese Incense, Indian Incense, Tibetan Incense, Nag Champa, Fine Resin Incense, Pure Oils, White Sage, Cone Incense, Gift Sets and Much Much More!

Primo Incense - Connoisseur Indian Incense

Find out for yourself why Primo Incense has been around since 1969!

Large 25 gram package

Over 150 years ago, the original creator, Haridas Madhavdas of Primo incense was motivated to find a new technique to create the ultimate incense. This procedure still remains a secret known only by his close family.

All Primo fragrances are formulated and prepared from carefully selected oils of exotic flowers, dried flower petals, sandalwood and other aromatic tree powders, pure charcoal and tree gum resins. Only the very finest materials available are used in the creation of the Primo incense line.

The method of preparation is similar to bread making. First, all the dry powder components are weighed and placed together in a large container. At this point the tree gum resins are dissolved with the fragrance oils. The gum resins oil mixture is added to the dry mixture. The ingredients are then meticulously combined by hand until the oils are entirely incorporated into the dry powder mixture.

Water is then added to this mixture and is formed in to a dough-like consistency which is referred to as Atta. The Atta and a bamboo stick are rolled together on a flat surface until the stick is coated with the aromatic mixture. The sticks are then sun dried and bundled for packaging.
Rare Essence Incense Collection - The Incense Works

Masterfully crafted & superbly sublime. Delightfully intense without being overpowering.

This line of Incense is manufactured exclusively for The Incense Works. Every fragrance is masterfully crafted with unique formulations. They are intense yet sublime without being overpowering. Great for that beautiful background aroma for any living, work or personal space.

The Incense Works Rare Essence Collection is an exclusive series of incense produced to exacting quality standards using only the finest aromatic materials, including both natural woods and resins as well as all natural precious essential oils and fragrance.

We know you will enjoy these superb products, they are the height of the incense maker's art.
Mother's India Nag Champa Fragrances


The Mother's Fragrance incense sticks are hand rolled according to the age-old masala method (no dipping into artificial aromatics) from the finest environmentally responsible ingredients.The method used is known as the "masala" technique - meaning mixture. An assortment of aromatic resins, flowers, essential oils, herbs, leaves, and wood powders are combined with water to form dough. A tree resin with glue like properties is added for its binding properties. Then the dough is smoothly rolled onto a very thin sliver of bamboo and permitted to dry in a shady location.

The actual undisclosed method to this practice is to add in the "spices" which were ingredients are added to entice the full-bodied richness of each aroma. Orris root (Iris germanica) is added to impart sweetness. Clove, Saffron, cinnamon, sage, nutmeg, sweetbriar and thyme provide a delightful diversity of subtle aromatic notes.

Each fragrance has been blessed with a rare and precious resinous ingredient that is a native to India called Mattias or Halmaddi as its base. It is derived from the Ailanthus triphysa tree; molasses-like when it is fresh and hardens to a brittle resin with a distinctive balsamic smell when it ages. This resin gives the fragrances’ their full sweet scent and with the addition of honey makes the sticks soft to the touch. Halmaddi is not often used in most lesser quality due to cost and scarcity.

Mother's Commerce Company was established in August 1975 in the former French colony of Pondicherry. Their main objective is to produce very fine quality handmade products designed to meet today's tastes and to generate attractive employment opportunities for young women in the local community. Additionally a portion of the proceeds from sale of the products are donated to international efforts to promote World peace and the economic development of the poor. Roger Marlow

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