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Towa Floral Scent Japanese Incense Hand of Buddha Incense Holder
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Our Price: $11.95
Sale Price: $9.95
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Towa Floral Scent Japanese Incense Hand of Buddha Incense Holder
The Seijudo Company specializes in blends that start with an aloeswood base, and then add distinctive and traditional herbal and floral ingredients. Tawa is a particularly fruity blend, with lavender, jasmine and other notes clearly present. The lit stick exudes its magic rather than overwhelming the space, and the floral is definitely the key note of the scent. Approx 200 sticks per box.
This is a very unique and eye catching incense holder, finely hand carved from gray stone in the shape of a "Hand of Buddha" that will holds a stick between the thumb and forefinger. The incense holder is perfect for incense sticks and cones. Approximately 5 inches long.
Kunjudo Takara Pearl Incense Nado Poizokhang Tibetan Incense
Our Price: $19.95
Our Price: $9.95
Kunjudo Pearl Takara Japanese Incense Nado Poizokhang - Zhingkham Kunchab Chhoetrin Incense
Kunjudo Pearl Takara Japanese Incense. This is a virtually smokeless blend with a wonderful fragrance for any personal space. The base is a conventional bamboo charcoal. A traditional Jasmine and peach bouquet using natural essential fragrance oils. This box contains approx. 200 sticks Nado Poi Zokhang Bhutanese is traditionally used for Riwo Sangcho offering. Prepared according to the formulation prescribed by yogi Pema Karpo, The main ingredients of the incense include sandalwood, clove, red sandal and juniper powder. To these are also added a wide range of other Bhutanese herbs and plants with medicinal qualities. This incense is deal for meditation, Puja and ritual. Approx. burn time is 1 hour. Each package contains 30 to 40 sticks about 8.75" long.
Ganden Dhoop Factory Tibetan Incense Nippon Kodo Tendan Sandalwood Incense
Our Price: $12.50
Our Price: $4.95
Ganden Dhoop Factory Tibetan Incense Nippon Kodo Tendan Sandalwood Incense
Ganden Is an herbal incense based on a sage like herb which grows at an altitude of 15,000 feet near Ganden Monastic University in Tibet. Where many Tibetan tend to be heavy, Ganden on the other hand has a quality that is light, airy, herbal yet subtly complex, delivering a bright fresh vigor in its presence. It is believed to be a preventative against colds and flu.  Each handcrafted box contains 70 grams of this delightful incense Nippon Kodo has brought this incense back due to popular demand. This is a fine Japanese Sandalwood incense which is priced so reasonable it is by far the best deal on the market. Tendan translates to 'Heavenly Sandalwood.' This is a rich, gentle and sweet incense that will brighten any setting. 60 sticks per package.