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Incense Incense ~ Providing the Finest Incense in the World

Incense is our passion and we are committed to providing you with the Finest Incense available. We search the world over to bring you only the very best all natural, the highest quality, fair trade, handcrafted, incense and fragrance products available.

Spend awhile and you will appreciate all that we have to provide. You are sure to discover something new or a variety or brand of incense or other fragrance product you are sure fall in love with.

Take a few moments each day to calm and ponder one’s most precious thoughts while enjoying the aroma of fine incense. This time is highly valued as an aid in the maintaining of one’s inner peace and spiritual freedom.

Namaste' Roger Marlow

Japanese Incense, Tibetan Incense, Nag Champa, Fine Resins, Pure Oils, White Sage, Cone Incense, Gift Sets and Much Much More!

Chandra Devi Tibetan Incense

Chandra Devi Incense is indeed one of the most favored incenses brands from Nepal.

All Chandra Devi products are a result of this ancient art. More so than in other cultures, Tibetans employ incense as a spiritual aid and as part of healing rituals. They produce several different verities of incense, each 100% natural and free from any synthetic or artificial ingredients. When purchasing Chandra Devi products you can be confident you will be enjoying one of the finest quality incense products originating in Nepal.

In Tibetan incense the herbs and spices are ground mixed into a paste , pressed together and formed into sticks in an ancient masala style preparation which contains no central bamboo or wooden core... so there is no waste.

This is a completely natural handcrafted product produced by: Chandra Devi Swoyambhu, Manjushrihmandu, Kathmandu, Nepal. Roger Marlow

Rare Essence Incense Collection - The Incense Works

Masterfully crafted & superbly sublime. Delightfully intense without being overpowering.

This line of Incense is manufactured exclusively for The Incense Works. Every fragrance is masterfully crafted with unique formulations. They are intense yet sublime without being overpowering. Great for that beautiful background aroma for any living, work or personal space.

The Incense Works Rare Essence Collection is an exclusive series of incense produced to exacting quality standards using only the finest aromatic materials, including both natural woods and resins as well as all natural precious essential oils and fragrance.

We know you will enjoy these superb products, they are the height of the incense maker's art.
Khachoe Ghakyil Ling Nunnery Incense

All revenue made through the Monastery Incense Shop is used to provide income for Monks and Nuns of Kopan Monastery.

This wonderful Tibetan Incense is handcrafted at the Khachoe Ghakyil Ling Nunnery in their incense workshop, by the team of Nuns’ expert at incense creation. Khachoe Ghakyil Ling Nunnery is positioned below Kopan Monastery near the Buddhist town of Boudhanath in Nepal's Kathmandu Valley.

The Nunnery is supported largely by contributions from kind supporters, and donations received for prayers performed. A stable food fund has been set up to secure the future of the Nunnery and the residents. A supplementary source of income is the incense workshop that was established in 1997. All revenue made through the Monastery Shop is used to provide income for Monks and Nuns of Kopan Monastery and Nunnery to aid in their studies and practice.

This Natural Tibetan incense is prepared by using only pure, all natural medicinal herbs, woods, plants and other precious ingredients grown in the Himalayas. Each component is carefully dried and separately ground, hand blended and then prepared into a paste which is extruded and then left to dry in the sun. Lama Zopa Rinpoche expressed to the Nuns that he favors the Nunnery Incense, as it is the by far the purest one prepared.

The process of making this incense strictly adheres to Tibetan tradition. Lama Zopa Rinpoche told the nuns that he prefers the nunnery incense, as it is the most pure one.This incense is obtained directly from the Nunnery. Roger Marlow

Packages may vary in color.
Zambala Tibetan Incense
Zambala is the Buddha that conveys plentiful treasures to the body, mind and soul according to the teachings Tibetan Buddhism.

The name Zambala is only appropriate in that the company has always placed a priority on excellence and a priority in producing only high quality products. Currently Zambala is at the forefront as a supplier and specialist of many Buddhist products including the premium incense they produce and we supply.

Zambala Incense: Knowledge of the Mystical Aromatic Nirvana: Fragrant botanical components and specific herbs have been recognized to have natural curative powers for centuries. This Skillfully prepared Botanical incense can encourage sleep, still the mind, and is said to alleviate unsafe entities’. These incense products are also known to improve emotional stability and lessen pain. All natural herbs and botanicals used in their product are wild crafted varieties from some of the highest altitudes in Tibet and the Himalayan mountain range.

Their one of kind incense is formulated according to the Ancient Tibetan Scriptures. These incense products are perfectly suited for relaxation, meditation, helps sooth the body, quiets the mind and improves the state of mind.

The essence of the incense is blessed for over 49 days with sacred prayers by renowned Tibetan Masters.

They stress the necessity to defend the environment the daily lives as a Guiding Code. They have made it their responsibility to donate 50% of their profits to The Humanitarian Aids in Nepal, ndia and Tibet. Roger Marlow

 Shroff Channabasappa Incense - Fine Quality Indian Agarbathies

Since 1882 they have been producing some of the most spectacular, spicy and appealing incense in the World! Try it once and you will be hooked.

Shroff Channabasappa Agarbathies formerly Shroff Channabasappa & Sons, has been in the business of making high quality incense for well over 100 years and has continued this tradition for 5 generations. Their manufacturing facility opened in 1882 in Bangalore, India.

This sublime incense is the direct result of careful blending the highest quality ingredients available and is manufactured in a traditional family manner. In the manufacturing of these true agarbathies, quality products such as Musk, Amber, Balsams, Gun resins, Aromatic woods, leaves and roots are carefully selected using only the finest of these ingredients in the formulation of their fine products.

A great importance lies in the proper mixing and blending of ingredients in their proper proportions. It is here that the essence of manufacturing genuine agarbathies truly begins. This is a Masala incense; meaning “spice mixture”. Masala incense is made by blending several aromatic ingredients into a paste and then rolling that paste onto a bamboo core. This type of incense usually contains little or no liquid scents (which can evaporate or diminish over time), and are made under the strictest supervision and quality control. This incense is supplied with no impressive packaging; just the sticks tightly pack into plain cellophane packaging to maintain their rich fragrance.

The mystical aromas are refreshing and create a heavenly and sublime atmosphere .In purchasing these agarbathies, you will be assured the products are manufactured by a firm with generations of experience and be certain that you are receiving only the very finest product.

Channabasappa & Company is not to be confused with the Shroff Perfumeries. Shroff Perfumers manufacture a perfume enhanced product and is “dipped” type incense which is not a masala agarbathi. Roger Marlow
Mother's India Nag Champa Fragrances


The Mother's Fragrance incense sticks are hand rolled according to the age-old masala method (no dipping into artificial aromatics) from the finest environmentally responsible ingredients.The method used is known as the "masala" technique - meaning mixture. An assortment of aromatic resins, flowers, essential oils, herbs, leaves, and wood powders are combined with water to form dough. A tree resin with glue like properties is added for its binding properties. Then the dough is smoothly rolled onto a very thin sliver of bamboo and permitted to dry in a shady location.

The actual undisclosed method to this practice is to add in the "spices" which were ingredients are added to entice the full-bodied richness of each aroma. Orris root (Iris germanica) is added to impart sweetness. Clove, Saffron, cinnamon, sage, nutmeg, sweetbriar and thyme provide a delightful diversity of subtle aromatic notes.

Each fragrance has been blessed with a rare and precious resinous ingredient that is a native to India called Mattias or Halmaddi as its base. It is derived from the Ailanthus triphysa tree; molasses-like when it is fresh and hardens to a brittle resin with a distinctive balsamic smell when it ages. This resin gives the fragrances’ their full sweet scent and with the addition of honey makes the sticks soft to the touch. Halmaddi is not often used in most lesser quality due to cost and scarcity.

Mother's Commerce Company was established in August 1975 in the former French colony of Pondicherry. Their main objective is to produce very fine quality handmade products designed to meet today's tastes and to generate attractive employment opportunities for young women in the local community. Additionally a portion of the proceeds from sale of the products are donated to international efforts to promote World peace and the economic development of the poor. Roger Marlow

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