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Shoyeido White Ash Miyako Hai Rust Rim Incense Cup
Our Price: $4.95
Our Price: $21.95
Shoyeido White Ash Miyako Hai Rust Rim Incense Cup
May be used for ceremonial incense custom or any other use where you do not want direct heat from the charcoal. This may be used by most any type of incense, use with kneaded incense, resin, wood chips or granulated incense 1 bag contains 1.7 oz. This unique ceramic rust rim incense cup is glazed with a tortoise-shell swirl. It stands on 3 legs in a quaint space equal of a four by two area. So not to big and not to small to add white ash to burn Japanese Incense, Granulated Woods and Kneaded Incense to. Made here in the United States by talented artist. Each cup will be slightly different in color due to glaze used.
Japanese Quality Incense Charcoal Incense Spoon and Tong Set
Our Price: $8.95
Our Price: $5.95
Japanese Square Bamboo Charcoal Incense Spoon and Tong Set
This is high-quality charcoal and is easy to start. Use with white ash in a bowl or cup-shaped burners. 20 1" square tablets. Please note bamboo charcoal does not light as quickly as self lite as it does not contain a chemical igniting agent, but burns much cleaner. Safety is always your foremost concern when dealing burning charcoal. Tongs for use with burning incense charcoal and a spoon for adding resin, powered incense, woods or whatever you are burning. This is a nice set the spoon is 3.5" long and the tongs are about 4.5" long.
Shoyeido Circle - En-mei Japanese Incense Yule/Christmas Resin Incense
Our Price: $17.95
Our Price: $7.95
Shoyeido Circle - En-mei Japanese Incense Yule/Christmas Resin Incense
Circle's sublime mixture of high-grade sandalwood, clove and cinnamon creates a subtle and inviting very unique fragrance. It is a pleasantly modest aroma with a very gentle bite, a very pleasant fragrance indeed. An absolute delight! 1 bundle of 35 sticks. Yule/Christmas Resin Incense is prepared here at Incense-Incense during season and used on or around December 21st and/or during the winter months to cleanse thy home, office and meditation spaces. This finely prepared mixture is made with our high quality incense, berries, needles and pinon to insure that all is attuned with the blessing of nature during the chilly days and nights. With this incense it will produce a crisp, woody, sweet, earthy tone with a subtle fruity note. Use with charcoal and expect a wonderful amount of smoke. 1oz. per package