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Shikobai Floral Smokeless Japanese Incense Japanese White Ash (Miyako Hai)
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Shikobai Floral Smokeless Japanese Incense Japanese White Ash (Miyako Hai)
This is a blend with a base of sandalwood, the dominant note is floral, but a very delicate and subtle one. The actual meaning of Shikobai is the Japanese apricot tree with red flowers. The stick is slightly thicker than other Japanese incenses, but when lit is almost smokeless, producing a scent that spreads rather than plumes into the room. It is a wonderfully sweet fragrance, strongly flowery, but not heavy at all. Approx.. 200 sticks Burn Time is approx. 25 min. Use where you want to keep the charcoals from coming in direct contact with the aromatic material to be burnt . This may be used for most any type of incense, Use with wood chips or splinters, kneaded incense, granulated resin and others. This bag contains  1.6 oz.
Incense Burner Japanese Ceramic "Maple Leaf" Awajishima Grace Ran (orchid) Japanese Incense
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Our Price: $16.95
Incense Burner Japanese Ceramic "Maple Leaf"" Awajishima Grace Ran (orchid) Japanese Incense
This fine Japanese ceramic burner plate is designed with a hole for joss stick. The subtle artwork reflects the skill of the Japanese artisan. The style of Japanese design echoes the dreamy, serene images inspired by the changing of the seasons. This ceramic plate is decorated and inspired with a maple leaf in fall.

Dimensions are 3 1/4" x 3 1/4" x 1/2". Made in Japan.

Grace Ran has a sublime aromatic orchid fragrance. This is a graceful incense suited for daily use, offerings or to accompany any meditation or Spiritual practice. It is said to bring happiness and abundance for one’s family. Almost no smoke. Approx. 330 sticks per box.