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Baieido Japanese Incense

Baieido Japanese Incense

Established in the year 1657 Baieido has honored the craft by making incense in their ancient traditions for well three centuries.

The production of fine traditional Japanese Incense is a very specialized procedure that is learned from Master Craftsman to apprentice and the cycle begins again. This process and the traditional methods that they employ and the carefully guarded recipes that have been developed, have been performed in in this way for hundreds of years. The exact methods are carefully guarded secrets. It is a known fact however the methods are extraordinarily delicate and are a well-practiced for of art.

Many of Baieido’s original incense recipes here are primarily a blend of high quality Aloeswood, premium Sandalwood, and other resins, herbs and spices. Baieido is however a progressive company combining tradition with contemporary innovations to produce new and exciting blends to appeal to more modern tastes of the West. However contemporary they may be, these new Baieido products will never compromise on the quality of the ingredients nor the proven methods used in the production of these extremely high quality fragrance products. Roger Marlow

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