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Baieido Tobiume Japanese Incense

Baieido  Tobiume Japanese Incense
Baieido Tobiume Japanese Incense
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Baieido  Tobiume Japanese Incense
The word Tobiume means flying plum tree, and it is very appropriate for this woody scent, because the name originated from a tree-lover. The famous (in Japanese history) poet and politician Michizane was forced into exile, and had to leave his beloved flowering plum tree, which had inspired so many poems and provided beauty and shelter.

When he reached the place of exile, he missed the tree so much that he recited a poem he had written for it, and the responding tree magically loosened itself from its moorings and flew to his new home. He called the tree Tobiume.

This is a new blend from a very old company. Creativity still flourishes at Baieido after over 300 years, and this incense is proof. It is smooth, woody, rich and musky under the nose - very attractive and promising. The slightly sweet smoke is complex and layered, full of personality, and somehow positive and life-affirming.

Aloeswood is definitely dominant, lending piquancy to the scent, but the recipe gives the smoke notes of exotic spices like clove, borneol, and cinnamon. It rewards repeated use by revealing more of its unique character each time.

45 gram box that's approx. 200 joss sticks.
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