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Japanese Incense - Fine Quality

Japanese Incense
You will not find any finer incense product on the market than those made in the land of the rising sun - the production process there is ancient, and the companies that create these sublime fragrances have been doing so for over 300 years. Their extensive knowledge and understanding of the incense manufacturing processes allow these artisans to attain a degree of perfection that mere attempts to imitate in modern times cannot begin to equal. The extremely high quality of these wonderfully exceptional products have led many a connoisseur of incense to define them as the work of A Fine Art.

Japanese Incense making demands significant skill and attention, in addition to an encyclopedic knowledge of ingredients, proportions, and effects. The expert blending of traditional components is done to ensure proper balance and superiority. Made by incredibly skilled artisans, these secret methods and formulations have been passed down through an oral tradition over hundreds of years.

The two most common ingredients in Japanese Incense are Sandalwood, cultivated and produced mainly in India and Malaysia, and the rare and treasured Agarwood (also known as aloeswood). These are both prized for their magnificently unique and remarkable aromas and are used as a base for most Japanese recipes. Benzoin, the sweet balsamic, and the crystalline Borneo Camphor, plus many other precious ingredients are also employed because of their essential qualities and pleasurable aromas. Some of the other ingredients used by Japanese incense makers include Star Anise, Frankincense, Myrrh, Ginger Lily, Cloves and Cinnamon Bark. All of these are carefully chosen to be of the highest purity and quality available, and blended by the masters of the craft. Give these exquisite products a try and your senses will never be the same! Enjoy!Roger Marlow

聞香 Mon-koh   Quietly Listening to Incense....."The tiny space within the heart is as boundless as the universe."

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