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Nature Nature Frankincense & Sandalwood Resin Incense

Nature Nature Frankincense and Sandalwood
Nature Nature Frankincense and Sandalwood
Item# NN-11
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Nature Nature Frankincense and Sandalwood
As with their frankincense and Sage blend, the incense maker has another great combination in this frankincense and sandalwood pairing. The sweet sandalwood and the more piquant and dry frankincense are indeed a dynamic duo, each bringing out the qualities of the other and creating a new synthesis in scent.

The stick is exotically dark, resinous to the touch, and slightly lumpy in places - it is clearly a hand-rolled product, and beautifully made. Like all of the products in this line, the sticks are very interesting visually, which somehow adds to the overall experience.

Sandalwood dominates the under-the-nose fragrance, and it is lusciously strong and redolent sandalwood. The burning stick puts out a bit more smoke than the frankincense and cedar stick, but is still not quite as productive as other blends. But the thin sticks seem to last just as long as the thicker ones, and the combination is heavenly - the balance of the two ingredients is nearly perfect, creating a new experience in fragrance. If you love either or both of the co-dominant scents here, you should try this blend.

Each pack contains 10 very long burning sticks of this fine quality incense.
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