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Nature Nature Soothing Lavender Resin Incense

Nature Nature Soothing Lavender  Incense
Nature Nature Soothing Lavender Incense
Item# NN-13
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Nature Nature Soothing Lavender  Incense
Unique as a floral recipe in this line of resin incenses, the lavender variety has a very intense floral presence as a dry stick, sweet and insistent, and with none of the grassy quality of many other blends in this line.

The stick is also comparatively thinner and smoother in texture, and very dark purple in color, while being dry and somewhat powdery to the touch. As with all of the resin over a stick incenses, it radiates a purity and wholesomeness, no doubt from being hand-rolled and dried in the desert sun.

The lit stick produces a heavenly scent that is evidently floral - as it should be - but only sweet in a subtle, almost Japanese way. It is delicate but vivid, and refreshingly spicy and spirited. Lavender in general is supposed to help increase awareness, maintain alertness, and bring a sense of peace that aids in meditation.

It is also a very evocative fragrance, since it is a common scent in soaps, powders and perfumes, but as it presents itself in this medium it is delightfully dry and intense, without the overly sweet character of many lavender products. If you are a lover of the flower, lighting a stick of Nature Nature's Lavender resin over stick incense is a great way to enjoy its more esoteric properties.

Each package holds 10 sticks of this fine quality incense.
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