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Nature Nature Myrrh Pure Resin Incense

Nature Nature Myrrh Pure Resin Incense
Nature Nature Myrrh Pure Resin Incense
Item# NN-14
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Nature Nature Myrrh Pure Resin Incense
It has the familiar tacky, resinous texture on the stick, and the scent under the nose has a strong hay-like grassy component, along with an intense herbal sweetness - it is a delightful experience just to savor the beautifully irregular, nubby, thickly-rolled incense stick before lighting it. The thick smoke is earthy and pungent, slightly bittersweet, and astringent in a medicinal way - it seems like a healthy fragrance that has curative properties.

This would make sense, given that myrrh has been used for embalming, as an antiseptic, as a healing substance for abrasions and infections, and as a fragrance source for thousands of years. It is of course associated with Christianity because it was allegedly a gift brought to the Christ child by the wise men from the east, who definitely knew their incense. The source of myrrh is a tree that exudes a resin when the bark is cut, and it has family similarities to frankincense, with which it is often combined.

Whether or not this is actually "pure" myrrh is open to question - it has some side notes of sage and other herbs - but the dominant scent is a delightful full-bodied resiny myrrh. Freed from the confines of the church and organized religious practice, and enjoyed in your home and sacred space, it nevertheless maintains a holy and uplifting character, helping to soothe the anxious soul and stimulate the senses.

Each pack contains 10 very long burning sticks of this fine quality incense.
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