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Nag Champa and Indian Champa Incense

Nag Champa

Nag Champa
Nag Champa Incense is by far one of the most loved and widely used incense types in the world today. It features a distinct, unique, and beautiful fragrance which originated in India and Nepal, where it was traditionally used in monasteries for spiritual, ceremonial, and meditative purposes. Since the use of the incense was limited to religious practices, most monasteries created their own unique formula that was used secretly among monks. In ancient times, people outside the monasteries were not able to attain the secret incense like they can today.

Currently, the use of Nag Champa is more widespread because the products are now readily available. During the youth movement that was started in the '60s by the hipster subculture, travelers from western countries to India began to seek enlightenment by following ancient practices and spiritual teachers. These seekers began to bring back to the west these traditional practices, and a vital part of this immigration of ideas into countries like America was the wonderful incense from India known as nag champa.

In the western world in present times, Nag Champa is not as commonly used for spiritual purposes as it has been in the past. Most incense lovers just enjoy the sweet and unique aroma, and many also believe that it creates a therapeutic atmosphere in a living space. However, Nag Champa is often used in meditation, having a calming effect, and in the creation of sacred spaces. The incense is also used in morning prayers, and in religious ceremonies.

Nag Champa incenses are crafted from a blend of flowers, resins, essential oils and herbs. The name is derived from the champa flower, the main base ingredient used in the making of this traditional incense originating in India. The many blends that are available to the connoisseur today reflect the ancient practice of each monastery having its own jealously guarded recipe. Now anyone can enjoy a large variety of champa incenses based on tried and true ingredients. Try some of our aromatic Nag Champa incenses today! Enjoy! Roger Marlow

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