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Vijayshree Fragrance, Traditional Indian Incense

Vijayshree Fragrance Nag Champa & Chandan
The Manufacturer of Incense Sticks involves all natural powdered odoriferous roots, bark, flowers, leaves, woods, resins, essential oils, gums. The paste made with the raw materials and water. This paste is applied by hand to bamboo sticks. Producing some of the finest and most popular incense product in the world!

In house productions centers for making and roll of incense sticks, provides dedication to quality. They have been producing traditional and innovative products since 1990.There are 3 manufacturing facilities based in Bangalore (South India) with a labor force of over 500, engaged in the day to day production activities. More than 1000 families share in the success. No child labor ever used!


Since inception Vijayshree has started, contributed and maintained several NGOS & institutions such as:

Schools for the blind and deaf. For the mentally, physically and speech impaired.

Polio operation camps.

Homes for orphans and the aged.

Medications and food to impoverished people.
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