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What is Dragons Blood

Dragons Blood Resin Article
Dragon's Blood Resin Incense is a deep, shiny red hard resin. Also known as Calamus Draco, Xue Jie, Sangre Del Drago, Sanguis Draconis, Dragon's Blood resin comes from a palm tree that is found mostly in the Far East, but some of its varieties are grown in Mexico and South America. The resin has a red in color and is so strong that it will stain anything it comes in contact with. Due to its strong color, the resin is used for varnishing furniture and dye. The fruit of the dragon tree, also called dragon palm is covered with scales. The resin is collected from between the scales, cleansed and then melted.

Dragon's blood incense is made from essential oils extracted from the resins of Drago tree or Draceana draco. Dragon trees are native to Sumatra and Canary Islands. Traditionally, dragon's blood was used for ceremonies in China, Rome and India.

Dragon's Blood incense has a very strong spicy and herbal fragrance. The heady, rich and sweet floral smell adds wonderful fragrance in the room. Resin incenses are considered to be the best type of incense. The incense charcoal helps in enhancing the intense fragrance of Dragon's blood incense without diluting the burning base.

Dragon's Blood incense is ancient incense used for love, protection and to exorcise negative energies. Other three major uses include energy, protection and purification. The use of Dragon's Blood is surrounded by many myths. Dragon's Blood Resin is burned as incense for protection to get rid of negativity and evil. It is used to ward off negative energies and establish positive vibrations.

Dragon's Blood is used in Wicca and Hoodoo ceremonies. Dragon's Blood Resin is also used to add potency spells and focus intent. It is known to increase Magical powers and potency. Some people still use it for mummification ritual, spell-craft, occultism and hoodoo folk magic. In these circles is thought to bring good luck in love and money. It is well-known Love incense and it is believed that it attracts a wavered errant to return. The powder of Dragon's Blood is used by women who wish to receive an offer of marriage.

It is considered very auspicious to burn Dragon's blood and camphor when you are moving to a new house. It cleanses the home and wards off the premises of the evil. Whether it is carried or worn in an amulet, Dragon's Blood resin is said to protect the wearer from any harm. Dragon's Blood resin is also known to possess many medicinal attributes such as used as astringent and anti-bacterial, used to treat wounds and invigorate the blood. Dragon's Blood resin is used for cosmetic purpose also. For example, it is sometimes used in coloring agents and lotions.

Dragon's Blood Resin Incense in the metaphysical realm symbolizes love, protection, courage, and sexual potency.

Enjoy! Roger Marlow
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