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Nature Nature White Sage with Dragon's Blood Resin Incense

Nature Nature White Sage with Dragon's Blood
Nature Nature White Sage with Dragon's Blood
Item# NN-20
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Nature Nature White Sage with Dragon's Blood
White Sage with Dragon's Blood Two very special ingredients are combined in this incense from the all-natural, hand-rolled, sun-dried company - white sage from the herb, and dragon's blood from a tree resin. The combination of these two special natural substances is believed to be quite powerful and effective in cleansing, healing, and getting rid of malevolent influences. It also smells very good - clean and crisp, spicy and herbal.

The dry stick is quite powdery and covered with particles of ground sage - the texture is rough and nubby. The color of the sticks is a medium brown with green and red flecks embedded in the resin. Under the nose the recipe is typically (for the product line) grassy and resinous, with a touch more of the sweet character than the plain sage sticks. These sticks are thick, colorful and very appealing to the eye.

And also to the nose - the smoke is even better. White sage seems to be a more refined type of sage - not quite as spicy as the green sage, and not so reminiscent of Thanksgiving. The dragon's blood seems much dominated by the sage, but adds some resiny, sugary character to the sage. This is a great incense, and like all the products of Nature Nature, deserves your attention and time.

Each pack contains 10 very long burning sticks of this fine quality incense.
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