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Shiva-Dhama Nag Champa Incense 5 Star Smudge Bundles
Our Price: $2.45
Our Price: $9.75
Shiva-Dhama Nag Champa Incense 5 Star Smudge Bundles
Shiva-Dhama Nag Champa Incense. This blend does have a lingering aroma. 10-12 long burning incense sticks provided in an artful package. Burn time 45-60 minutes. Great smoke lines. Sacred Sage 5 Star bundles. All botanicas are selected and harvested then hand bundled, each with a sacred blessing. Each bundle contains Sweet Grass, Copal, Lavender Flower, Cedar and Sacred White Sage. As with all our smudging products they are responsibility and ecologically harvested by hand, handcrafted and tied. These are a full 9 inches Long.
Lucky Dragon Resin Incense Burner Floral Carved Smudge Kit Box
Our Price: $8.45
Our Price: $24.95
Lucky Dragon Resin Incense Burner Floral Carved Smudge Kit Box
This Lucky Dragon Bronze colored Resin Incense Burner holds one bamboo incense stick at a time. He is surrounded by coins. The Lucky Dragon is the symbol of power, strength and good luck to those who are worthy. His length is 3 inches which makes for a great space saver.
Incense-Incense has designed a smudge kit box for your personal needs. This charming 5 x 8 x 2 1/2  Floral Carved Wood Box is big enough to add even more incense and/or crystals found on our website. You will receive 1 floral box, 1 8-10 inch wrapped turkey feather, 1 four inch torch style mini white sage, 1 two inch wooden cobra tripod stand, 1 3-4 inch farm raised turquoise abalone shell and 3 four inch candles (colors vary). All Blessed and ready to go as a gift to a love one and/or yourself.
Japanese Quality Incense Charcoal Black Frankincense Resin - Magseel
Our Price: $8.95
Our Price: $5.30
Japanese Square Bamboo Charcoal Black Frankincense Resin - Magseel
This is high-quality charcoal and is easy to start. Use with white ash in a bowl or cup-shaped burners. 20 1" square tablets. Please note bamboo charcoal does not light as quickly as self lite as it does not contain a chemical igniting agent, but burns much cleaner. Black Frankincense (Magseel) has a scent of an orange with a spicy kick and is known to cleanse the air and keep negativity away. Frankincense in general is also great bug repellent. Black Frankincense (Magseel) is great for making frankincense oil as the humidity for the sea gives it the oily texture. Price is for one ounce bag.