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  • Crystals and Metaphysical Items

    Crystals and Metaphysical Items

    Everyone is attracted to gemstones, semiprecious stones and crystals. Most are familiar with crystals that have been around for many years such as Amethyst, Rose Quartz and Smokey Quartz. Many new crystals are making their way to stores as these are the stones for the "NEW AGE". Whether you are into these beautiful creations from Mother Earth just because they are beautiful, you love to collect and gift and/or use for metaphysical properties this is the place for you.

  • Jewerly

    Nepal Village Handicrafts

    Changing lives for good is what we should do in means of good stewardship. Many women and children are abandoned and/or sold into vulnerable situations. It's our duty to assist in raising funds to restore their dignity through vocational training, continued education and life skills development. Incense-Incense is offering their handmade jewelry at affordable prices so that every sale benefits the women and children of Nepal. We are focusing as a group to support the mission and to see lives change through this opportunity. Incense-Incense wholesale cost goes directly to meet the needs in Nepal. If you would feel the need to donate in cash form please contact me at amanda@incense-incense.com as we are working hand in hand with the owner of the operation. All names are protected through this program to keep the women and children safe.