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Aromatic Woods & Makko Incense Powder

These wood chips may heated over charcoal with indirect heat using ash and / or a mica plate and allowed to
smolder. The powered woods are intended to be used as an aditative for making your own blended incense.

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Bukhoor - Oman Incense Natural Sandalwood Powder 1/2 oz. Palo Santo Kapachi Incense
Bukhoor - Oman Incense
Our Price: $4.95
Bukhoor is known as the sister of Oud. This incense is composed of aromatic plant material (wood chips) and combined with other essential oils (resin(s), ambergris, musk sandalwood to name some) The aroma is to be wafting and making the atmosphere smell "nice". Bukhoor omits a thicker smoke used to perfume the home, special occasions, love moments and to honor thy guest. Small amounts are used in Mabkharas (burners) with a lite charcoal (coming soon from Oman). Electric burners are also used. Keep Bukhoor stored in glass jars and remember to open the window after aromoa has filled the room. Sold in one ounce bags. Other questions on how to use please e-mail me at info@incense-incense.com Yellow Sandalwood produces a warm, sweet and delightful woody fragrance that has been a cherished incense wood for thousands of years.This form will usually be used as an ingredient in incense blends. 100% pure natural sandalwood. Each package contains 1/2 oz. Palo Santo Kapachi Incense is a loose mixture traditionally used by Quechua of Cusco Peru. Known to be used during ceremony for purifying and honoring Apus, Mountain Deities. Kapachi is a loose mixture of Palo Santo, Lavender, Anise, Copal, Wiraqoya, Quinoa, Grageas (small round colored sugar sprinkles) and other sacred herbs and plants. Great for purifying your home and scared places. Burn over prepared charcoal. Sold by 2 oz bags.
Palo Santo Wood smudge Sticks Portable Wood Chip Heater Red Sandalwood Powder .5 oz
Portable Wood Chip Heater
Our Price: $49.95
Bursera Graveolens. Palo Santo Sticks. This product has been harvested in Ecuador and NOW available through Incense-Incense. This product is harvested without harming the Palo Santo wood tree. They only process wood that has been found to have naturally died in the forest. For spiritual cleansing and purification. Ideal for: Anxiety, Depression, Fear, Grief, Loneliness, Panic Attacks and Stress. Light a small piece and let it burn for a few seconds and then allow it to extinguish, this is enough to fill an area with its sweet piney/cedar, citrus/coconut-like aroma. Very FRESH as this shippment was harvested and delivered straight to us. Each package contains 5-6 sticks which are 4 + inches long. 1-1.5oz approx. These sticks may be extinguished for use again.
This elegant portable wood chip heater provides convenience in our busy lives. Insert our Square Charcoal A (red box) after lighting into the porcelain cup and restore the mesh screen. Once charcoal is at correct temperature add in woods chips, granulated incense, kneaded incense, pressed incense and others of your choosing. Makes for that modern flair while still enjoying traditional incense. 3 inches wide and 3 inches tall. Comes with 5 charcoal pieces and 5 incense pieces. Porcelain with mesh bamboo basket. Made in Japan. Great starter kit. Red Sandalwood Powder This form will usually be used as an ingredient in incense blends. As an Ayurvedic medicine it has long been believed helpful in medicinal use. The sweet, mild aroma of sandalwood creates a relaxing and restful mood. Package contains 1/2 oz.
Red Sandalwood Splinters .5oz Shoyeido Premium Toh Makko Incense Powder 1.1lb
Red Sandalwood produces a warm, sweet and delightful woody fragrance that has been one of the most cherished incense woods for thousands of years. This may be burned indirectly over charcoal for a warm fragrant aroma. Contains 1/2 oz. per package. Makko Powder is traditionally utilized to extend an incense burn and improve fragrance.  This can be used as a standalone incense, or as an ingredient for making your own incense blend. Feel confident that this is the finest quality makko available. 1 bag of makko powder, 1.1 lb. 500 grams