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Assorted Quality Cone Incense

These are high quality incense cones that are made by incense manufacturers that only makes one or two types of cone incense. They are in this category so they don't get lost in the hundreds of other incense products. In this section you will find some of the finest incense cones available.

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Goloka Nag Champa Incense Cones Vijayshree Golden Nag Champa Cone Incense Goloka Patchouli Cone Incense
This incense is handcrafted according to traditional recipes using the finest valuable ingredients aromatic roots, honey, natural herbs and flowers, top grade natural oil as prescribed in the ancient scriptures. 10 cones per package Golden Nag Champa (red Box) from Vijayshree Fragrance is very similar to  that of Satya Sai Baba Nag Champa before the formulation change in 2005. It is rich and sweet with light notes of musk and vanilla accents. 10 cones with a ceramic holder in each pack. This is the same patchouli blend of rare resins, flora, honey, and pure oil extracts also incorporated in the loved Nag Champa in cone form. You will experience an enjoyable powdery floral aroma with a hint of sweetness in this incense. Supplied in 15 gram packs
Goloka Chandan Cone Incense Vijayshree Golden Nag Chandan Cone Incense Song of India Temple Incense Cones
This is the same chandan blend of skilfully prepared incense using sandalwood oil and premium sandalwood powder in cone form. Ideal for any spiritual or meditation practice or enjoy it for the pure and extraordinary aroma for any personal or living area. Supplied in 15 gram packs. Golden Nag Chandan (Gold Box) from Vijayshree Fragrance is a favorite of Sandalwood and Nag Champa fans. This cone offers the finest spices, herbs, floral extract, exoctic oils and other natural ingredients. 10 cones with a ceramic holder in each pack. This all exquisit incense is prepared with fine sandalwood powder, aromatic roots, resins and herbs with natural flower oils. This family kept secret formulations and special blending methods are the result of over 65 years of experience.  25 cones per package.
Yatra Natural Cone Incense Bharath Darshan Cone Incense Palo Santo Wood smudge Cones
Yatra incense is a nag champa blend that has the typical champa sweetness and floral with a unique character. The fragrance is complex with top notes that include musk and patchouli on a  blended base of plumeria and sandalwood. 10 long burning cones per pack. Bharath Dharshan incense cones are produced by the same maker as highly sought after Dharshan Incense Sticks. This exquisite fragrance is a blend of quality sandalwood, pure jasmine and vanilla extracts. 10 cones per package. For spiritual cleansing and purification. Palo Santo Smudge Cones are made in Peru out of pure Palo Santo wood chips. This is a great alternative to using the wood smudge where it is not practical. 12 large cones per package with free burner / holder.