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Balaji Incense (Agarbathi) Company

Balaji Agarbathi Company started its business in the line of spreading aromas. The sticks have enchanting aroma, which is sure to rejuvenate your senses. You can choose from different varieties of incense sticks suitable for meditation and prayer. By Adding a few of these aromas will provide a nice variety to your incense collection.

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Balaji Chandanam Sandalwood Incense 15gm. pack Balaji Chandan, Pure Mysore Sandalwood Incense Balaji Agarwood Incense 25gm.
Balaji Agarwood Incense
Our Price: $4.95
The woody intriguing brown package with elephants says it ALL. With a natural sandalwood base and deep forrest herbs from India including amber, saffron, and sweet black pepper. It sneaks up on you to help banish negative vibrations. Providing the smell of courage and strength as it lingers throughout its even burn. Supplied in a 15 gm. in sealed foil package. Chandan is the Indian name for sandalwood (specifically santalum album) Pure Mysore Sandalwood Incense sticks that give the ambiance and feel of Sandal Oil which is a warm, sweet and woody aroma. Supplied in 15 sticks pack. Balaji Natural Indian Agarwood Incense, also known as Oud or Aloeswood. This incense is quite genuine and is ideal for the (Oodh) Agarwood lover! This incense is well suited for meditation and spiritual practices. 25 gm package with sealed inner for pouch for freshness.
Balaji Nadal Oodh Incense Incense
Nadal Oodh is a Traditional Arabian incense fragrance. It consists of a skillful blend of Oodh (aloeswood) that is combined with quality Sandalwood. This is a perfect incense for meditation and spiritual practices. 50 grams per sealed foil package.