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Buddhist Incense Udhyog Tibetan Incense

This is a fine Tibetan Incense that is hand prepared by Buddhist Incense Udhyog or “BIU”. It is composed and formulated from numerous fragrant herbs, spices, aromatic woods, and other medicinal botanical products found in the high altitude areas of Tibet and the plains of Nepal. This natural therapeutic incense is prepared under stringent Tibetan oversight. This handmade incense is produced by following the strict directions of distinguished herbal masters and ancient texts. This traditionally made incense is commonly used by Buddhist and by others for the aid in relaxation, meditation, offerings and purification rituals. This fine traditional incense is provided in a striking eco-friendly and reusable handcrafted package covered in hand-made paper.

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A Tribute to Good Karma Tibetan Incense White Tara  Tibetan Incense
Not available until further notice due to a shortage of the herbs used in the manufacture process.

"A Tribute to good Karma." This is a blend of 56 precious aromatic & medicinal herbs with sal Dhoop and Astasugandha Dhoop. It is said to help lessens physical pain, promotes physical splendor, clarity of mind and mental stability. Supplied in a hand made lokta paper box with a small wooden. 10" Stick Approx. 25 sticks per package.
"A Tribute to ribo – sangcheo" This incense includes a blend of herbs collected in the high altitude regions of Tibet and Nepal. Used for prayer offerings and for purification. 100% Natural blend of Himalayan herbs and resins. Supplied in a hand made lokta paper box with a small wooden incense holder. Each stick is 9 inches long. With 27 sticks per package. Burn time is approx. 1hour