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Brass Incense Burners

A brass bowl combination burner with a screen top makes an ideal selection for most types on incense. The screen can be inverted or removed and used for cones, rope incense, and small smudge bundles. It's also useful with charcoal tablets, just fill the bottom with sand or ash add a charcoal tablet and burn your favorite resin incense.

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Brass Frog incense Burner Brass OM symbol incense Burner BrassTurtle Incense Burner
This is a very cute small Brass Frog incense burner for cone, granular or resin type incense. This will make a great conversation piece where ever you put it, and this fun little frog is a great gift idea. Skilfully Hand crafted and highly polished in India.The dimensions are 3" x 2.5" x 1" This incense burner in in the shape of the OM symbol it will accommodate 3 sticks at a time Skilfully Hand crafted and highly polished made by hand in India.The dimensions are 2.5 x 2.5
This delightful little Brass Turtle burner can be used for cone incense. This fun little turtle would make a great gift idea. Skillfully handcrafted and highly polished in India. The dimensions are a little over four inches in length and about one inch tall.
Brass Screen Top Incense Burner - Small Brass Screen Top Incense Burner 2" Tall Copper Tibetan Incense Burner
This little attractive brass burner is a great way to burn charcoal incense or cones in style. This is a good choice where space is limited. Also a handy tool for altars, space saving burner with wooden coaster. 1.5"H x 2"D. Beautiful solid brass black screen burner with diamond cut delightful golden carving. Black wood coaster is included. Hand created in India by artistic craftsmen. This may be used for all types of incense. 2.5” dia. 2” tall. This copper Tibetan Incense burner is decorated with 3 brass symbols and sits upon an attached pedestal. Hand crafted in India with the thought of this piece holding onto Tibetan Incense with it's perfect size hole in the middle. Burner is 2.5 inches deep and 2 inches high. Approx 2 ounces and a great space saver.
Brass Temple Incense Burner Brass Screen Charcoal Burner w/Coaster- 4"H Om' Copper Offering Bowl Set
This lovely hand crafted Brass Temple Incense Burner Is a compliment to any décor. The base id inlaid with genuine mother of pearl. Good for use with cone and resin incense. This burner measures 4" in diameter. Brass Screen Charcoal Burner w/Coaster. Floral diamond cut carving throughout the burner. Great for burning resin incense. Wooden coaster is included. - 4" high.
An amazing copper Om' Offering Bowl Set that is perfect for meditation, worship, prayer and ritual use. It is decorated with three brass Om' symbols with a top and bottom border that are also made of brass. Use as an offering bowl and/or and incense burner when you add ash/sand. 3 offering bowls. Widths of 4 inches, 3 inches and 2 1/2 inches.