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Chandra Devi Traditional Tibetan Incense

Chandra Devi Incense is indeed one of the most favored incenses brands from Nepal.
All Chandra Devi products are a result of this ancient art. More so than in other cultures, Tibetans employ incense as a spiritual aid and as part of healing rituals. They produce several different verities of incense, each 100% natural and free from any synthetic or artificial ingredients.

This is a completely natural handcrafted product produced by: Chandra Devi Swoyambhu, Manjushrihmandu, Kathmandu, Nepal.
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Chandra Devi Sandalwood & Jasmine Tibetan Incense Chandra Devi Manjushree Incense
Sandalwood is a very prevalent fragrance to use as an offering to the Buddha. It is thought to stir the spirituality within. Jasmine flowers have a sweet but delicate fragrance. The flower is very important culturally in India, Central Asia, and Japan. The finest sandalwood, jasmine, and over 30 other components compose this incense. It is a special one in the Chandra Devi line, with just a hint more sweetness a bit less pungent than most others.  Approx. 40 pure sticks per package. Manjushree Incense is prepared from formulas that were created from ancient Tibetan texts and is considered a blessing left by the early ancestors’.  This incense is hand crafted with and consists of medicinal botanicals and herbs from the Himalayan Mountains to the arid plains. When lit the earthy scent that Tibetan incense is known for is quite present then it swiftly blends into a more gentle sweet scent. This combination seems almost fruity and then finishes with a mild but soothing bitter note. There is an age old belief that burning and using this incense will heal disease and bring peace and goodness to the individual. Each cello package contains about 50 eight inch sticks.