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Daihatsu Japanese Incense

Daihatsu was has been making incense since 1897. At Daihatsu they use exceptional perfume and excellent quality fragrant woods to blend an incense that you will find beautifully aromatic and a delight to experience. Daihatsu has been known to work with elite French perfumeries to aid in producing such wonderfully fragrant incense.

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Kagura (Acacia) Japanese Incense Kagura (Acacia) Japanese Incense

The unique and soothing aroma of the Acacia blossom is blended with a fine quality sandalwood. Acacia has been used in incense hundreds of years. The Acacia is said to embody fortitude of the soul and to purify. This is a great incense to accompany meditation or any spiritual practice. Very low smoke. 120 sticks per box.

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