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Shoyeido Autumn Leaves Incense Gift Set Organic Rue Herb
Our Price: $15.95
Our Price: $3.45
Shoyeido Autumn Leaves Incense Gift Set Organic Rue Herb
Shoyeido Autumn Leaves (Kyo-Nishiki) Incense Gift Set contains a miniature 4 1/2"- long rustic/fall leaf shaped ceramic  incense holder and approx. 50-stick bundle of Autumn Leaves Incense (cinnamon, sandalwood and other spices). This makes a lovely inexpensive gift or a very nice treat for yourself. Find pleasure in nature, and rest while listening to the wind through the trees. Colors will vary slightly. Ruta Graveolens, Herb of Grace (Rue Herb) is used in both medical and magical practices. Rue is known for a protection herb as the Romans believed it could protect the user from the Evil Eye. It can be used in baths, soaps, teas, tinctures, floor wash, to make candles and carried in pouches. Not for use in pregnancy and should be used with caution. Sold in once ounce bags. Cut and Sifted

Black Frankincense Resin - Magseel Mother's Narcissus Fragrance Oil
Our Price: $5.30
Our Price: $12.00
Black Frankincense Resin - Magseel Mother's Narcissus Fragrance Oil
Black Frankincense (Magseel) has a scent of an orange with a spicy kick and is known to cleanse the air and keep negativity away. Frankincense in general is also great bug repellent. Black Frankincense (Magseel) is great for making frankincense oil as the humidity for the sea gives it the oily texture. Price is for one ounce bag. Mother's Narcissus Fragrance Oil 1/3 fl. ounce. Safe use for the skin, clothing, bath waters and/or massage and more. No alcohol. High Quality. Test small area for sensitive skin before use. Natural ingredients listed above in main description. Packed for Peace!
Japanese Quality Incense Charcoal Kapala Resin Skull Box (multi-purpose)
Our Price: $8.95
Our Price: $29.95
Japanese Square Bamboo Charcoal Kapala Resin Skull Box (multi-purpose)
This is high-quality charcoal and is easy to start. Use with white ash in a bowl or cup-shaped burners. 20 1" square tablets. Please note bamboo charcoal does not light as quickly as self lite as it does not contain a chemical igniting agent, but burns much cleaner. This ornate hand carved Tibetan Skull Box is also known as a "skullcap". It is used during Tibetan rituals. Completely made from resin/hydrostone mix and is hand painted/carved. This multi-purpose trinket box can be use for holding incense, ash, and/or a make shift cone burner. Your imagination will grow with possibilities as this amazing piece separates and the top of skull is easily removed to add items. Also includes handle like a coffee mug. 5x5x3 and weighs approx 1 pound 7 ounces. Colors can differ with paint