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Dhoop Incense

Dhoops are another Masala type They are usually a soft clay like and pliable incense lacking any core or stick. Many dhoops have very concentrated scents and put out a lot of smoke when burned.

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Super Hit Dhoop Incense Laxmi Dhoop
Super Hit Dhoop Incense
Our Price: $1.95
Laxmi Dhoop
Our Price: $2.25
This is another fairly new creation from Satya. This is for all of you Super Hit lovers out there. Super Hit Dhoop, same wonderful fragrance in the form of dhoop. This is three inches of pure incense (no stick). Packaged 12 sticks per box with a free holder included. *** Note Sticker with RED & Blue label. NOT as pictured with the gold.*** Laxmi Dhoop is a soft clay-like incense in 3.5" logs that can be reshaped into cones, short logs, etc. The very strong aroma of Laxmi Dhoop is derived from gum benzoin, lavender and bergamot. This incense has a quite unique and very uncommon aroma. Each log can burn for over an hour. Eight sticks per box