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Gonesh Incense Sticks

The brand name GONESH®, named after the Hindu Elephant Boy, the God of Luck. The name Gonesh was trademarked in 1965. The company flourished through the 60's and 70's, fueled by Flower Power and psychedelia. By the early eighties, a third generation of the Radkins family had entered the business. With the bloom of the 60's fading fast, this new generation of Radkins endeavored and ultimately succeeded in growing the business based on the long established quality of GONESH® brand products. Gonesh continually strives to elevate the level of fragrance delivery by working with creative and skilled perfumers, by using the highest quality raw materials, and by their exclusive use of HighCharcoal™. Gonesh Incense has the highest charcoal content of any brand currently on the market - It delivers the purest, cleanest burn with crystal clear fragrances. Due to this all Gonish incense is by nature a very clean and crisp aroma with almost no detectible smoke. Perfect for those bothered by incense smoke.

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Gonesh Incense  #10 Herbs & Flowers Gonesh Incense #4 Orchards & Vines Gonesh Incense Lavender
Gonesh Incense Lavender
Our Price: $1.99
This is a traditional Indian floral fragrance, if you enjoy the heavy floral aromas this one is for you. Enjoy the delightful distinctive floral aroma. Gonesh uses only the very finest quality fragrance oils and extracts. 20 quality charcoal sticks per package. Gonesh Incense Sticks, #4 Orchards & Vines. This incense is one of the original fragrances that made Gonesh famous. It has a fruit like aroma with a hint of apples and very light earthy undertones. Create a spring-like atmosphere in your home. 20 sticks per package. Lavender is by far one of the most cherished floral fragrances. It is used in everything from hand lotion to incense. The wonderfully relaxing fragrance of fresh lavender is always sure to please. This incense produces almost no smoke. 20 clean burning sticks per package.
Gonesh Incense Rose Gonesh Incense Vanilla
Gonesh Incense Rose
Our Price: $1.99
Gonesh Incense Vanilla
Our Price: $1.99
This will please with its clear and light rose aroma. This is a great incense to burn daily just for the lovely fragrance, or it may be helpful in aromatherapy or quiet time in your personal space. Very low smoke and a crisp and clean fragrance. 20 sticks per package. Vanilla is a favorite comfort aroma. This fine vanilla incense contains natural essential oil and pure extracts Let it infuse your living area withits deeply warm aroma, always crisp and clean with almost no smoke. 20 sticks of high quality charcoal incense per package.