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This splendid incense is made according to a traditional Tibetan formula. Flowers, spices, aromatic botanicals and medicinal herbs are ground and mixed with natural resins that work as glue and are skilfully shaped into the familiar Tibetan style sticks.

Generally this incense is used for puja offering and purification. However this incense may also be used for as an aid to meditation, clearing the mind or to add a great aroma to any personal or living space.

This incense is completely handcrafted in Nepal.
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Blue Sky Tibetan Incense Dorje Tibetan Incense Lumbini Tibetan Incense
Dorje Tibetan Incense
Our Price: $3.95
Lumbini Tibetan Incense
Our Price: $3.95
Blue Sky Incense is a very enjoyable blend of lemon and numerous Himalayan herbs, flowers, spices, natural resins, medicinal herbs aromatic and botanicals that are powdered, combined and then shaped into traditional Tibetan incense. It is said that this incense is supportive in the focus of mind and to be useful in meditation. Approximately 50 sticks about 6 .5" long with a small holder.

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Dorje Incense a distinct blend of Juniper, Himalayan herbs, sandalwood powder and other botanical ingredients blended and handcrafted into traditional Tibetan incense. The clean woodsy aroma and its mellow earthy notes of Juniper and pine. This incense works well for meditation and spiritual activities. Approximately 50 6.5" long sticks and includes a small holder. Lumbini Tibetan Incense is an enjoyable blend of native botanicals, natural resins, flowers, spices, sandalwood, and therapeutic herbs traditionally blended to produce this comforting incense. The spicy, earthy fragrance creates an atmosphere of mindfulness ideal for a meditation practice. There are approximately 50 6.5 inch incense sticks with a small wooden holder.
Manjushree Tibetan Incense Tashi Dhargey Tibetan Incense Yaan Tibetan Incense
Yaan Tibetan Incense
Our Price: $3.95
Manjushree Incense gives you a floral fragrance of Jasmine flowers and the warm sweet aroma of sandalwood, blended with herbs from the Himalayas. It is believed to be helpful for concentration of mind to help aid in meditation. It is made entirely from all natural products. Approximately 50 6.5" long sticks, and includes a small wooden holder / burner.

Tashi Dhargey is amber blended with traditional natural flowers, resins, precious aromatic, spices and therapeutic herbs. This incense is prepared according to ancient Himalayan text. It is said to be useful for awareness of mind and to aid meditation. Approximately 50 sticks 6 1/2" long, including a small wooden burner. Yaan Tibetan Musk and herbal incense is prepared in the customary masala method using natural resins, flowers, spices, aromatic and medicinal herbs. Yaan incense is a spicy musk that is suitable for meditation, creating a calming atmosphere and is used for puja and purification. Each Package contains approximately 50 sticks 6.5” long with a small wooden holder.
Zhempo Tibetan Incense
Zhempo Tibetan Incense
Our Price: $3.95
Zhempo is made from 32 natural aromatic ingredients including Red and White Sandalwood, Nagi, Saffron and Rhododendron. This incense has a very distinct, exotic aroma. Slightly bitter, forest-like, and a little sweet. This Tibetan incense is a very calming fragrance that is perfect for meditation.. Each package contains approx. 50 6’ sticks with a small wooden burner / holder.