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Incense Tools and Accessories

Honestly there are very few accessories one needs to enjoy incense. Here you will find just a few items that will make your experience a little safer and more convenient. Here you will find all the accessories you might need or find helpful.

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Tongs for Charcoal and Incense Incense Spoon and Tong Set Mica Plate Gin-yo
Mica Plate Gin-yo
Our Price: $14.95
Tongs for use with burning incense charcoal can leave you exposed to very hot charcoal, and it will burn you. These simple tongs can protect you from any chance of burning yourself. This great but simple tool will help you to adjusting your charcoal safer, easier, and more convenient. Safety is of the foremost importance! Choose from Plain as pictured or Trinity Knot Design that is engraved on each side of the upper tong. Safety is always your foremost concern when dealing burning charcoal. Tongs for use with burning incense charcoal and a spoon for adding resin, powered incense, woods or whatever you are burning. This is a nice set the spoon is 3.5" long and the tongs are about 4.5" long. This will allow your incense products to heat and smolder rather than burn.  This may be used with aromatic wood chips, resin incense, granulated botanicals and kneaded incense. This mica is professionally wire wrapped to last. The the mica will help gently raise the temperature which allows a cleaner and more aromatic aroma to be released.
Portable Wood Chip Heater Shoyeido Stainless Steel Incense Utensil Set
Portable Wood Chip Heater
Our Price: $49.95
This elegant portable wood chip heater provides convenience in our busy lives. Insert our Square Charcoal A (red box) after lighting into the porcelain cup and restore the mesh screen. Once charcoal is at correct temperature add in woods chips, granulated incense, kneaded incense, pressed incense and others of your choosing. Makes for that modern flair while still enjoying traditional incense. 3 inches wide and 3 inches tall. Comes with 5 charcoal pieces and 5 incense pieces. Porcelain with mesh bamboo basket. Made in Japan. Great starter kit. Shoyedio's Stainless Steel Incense Utensil Set (Koh-dogu) is perfect for the incense connoisseur. This high quality steel set contains one ash press, one set of metal chopsticks, one tweezer, and two mica plates. Comes in a beautiful box for safe keeping of your tools.