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Tibetan Incense an Introduction

Tibetan incense mainly refers to a particular style of incense found in Tibet, Bhutan, and Nepal. The incense represents the traditional Tibetan culture. The incense was used by Tibetans as a mark of highest respect to pay tribute to the Chinese Emperor. These incenses contain 30 or more herbal ingredients. Tibetan incense does not use stick within it only to maintain its purity.

Tibetan incense has a beautiful history which is traced back to both the Bon, the traditional religion of the Himalayan region and Hindu traditions. You can find some of the oldest accounts of its use in the ancient Hindu texts date back to over 3000 years. During that era the Tibetan people particularly the Bon priests had started using incense for offering to the deities.

When Buddhism was initially introduced during the period of the Tibetan Empire, some Bon practices including incense offering were already assimilated into their traditions. The texts also reveal that the Tibetans had mastered the local production of incense by using Hindu recipes added with the local production techniques even before the arrival of Buddhism.

The traditional incense making was almost lost at the time when the Muslims invaded India and lodged an oppressive attack on the Buddhism. Fortunately, Buddhists monks in the Tibetan monasteries could manage to hide the invaluable scriptures that contained incense making recipes. In 1959, when the Chinese annexed Tibet, thousands of Tibetans who were forced to vacate Tibet had come to India bringing back with them those scriptures containing the recipes of incense making. This is the reason for which you will find that most of the makers of these products are Tibetan refugees in India.

One of the uses of Incense is for simple rituals. In Tibetan culture this simple ritual has a very important spiritual meaning. It is considered to be an act of offering which is selfless and generous devoid of worldly concerns. The fragrance of the Incense awakens and relaxes our senses and brings back positive energy to the soul. Tibetan Incense teaches us a valuable lesson about the human life. As the stick gets ignited, it burns brightly making the aroma floats across the open space just like ups in the life. Similarly, as the stick burns out and gets shorter gradually ultimately fading away into ashes that symbolize the end of the life. Thus, it teaches that in life nothing is permanent.

Apart from these teachings on values, this Incense also includes special medicinal and therapeutic substances derived from herbs, flowers and minerals. In medical field in Tibet, incense is recognized as a way of treatment for various ailments. This information is available in Tibetan medical books.

Similar to the past when this Incense remained as a fundamental part of Tibetan culture and life, in today's context also Tibetan Incense has gained solid ground world over. It has reached thousands of households everywhere on the earth. One of reasons for its popularity is certainly the desire for people let this incense help them relax and get in touch with their Divine Inner Selves.

Written by: Roger Marlow 6-13-2015