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Lucky Tibetan Incense Company

Lucky Tibetan Incense Company reputed Manufacturer and Exporter of Tibetan Incense Sticks, which is manufactured in compliance with high quality standards. Lucky Tibetan Incense has been the highest quality handmade traditional incense, hand blended from the finest natural herbs, woods, oils, gums & resins.These Incense Sticks are made from 100% natural Himalayan Herbs that will please and soothe the environment. Owing to its qualitative features, These range of incense sticks will fill life and environment with their lovely fragrances.

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Kalachakra Tibetan Incense Red Sandalwood Tibetan Incense
Kalachakra traditional Tibetan incense is completely hand crafted from highly aromatic medicinal herbs, spices, woods, resins and other precious botanical products. It is used for purification and puja offering, Approx 40 sticks per package
These Incense sticks are especially rich in Red Sandalwood which is originally found in south India. Sandalwood is one of the most precious materials and has been used in incense since ancient times. Approx 19 5.5 inch sticks per package