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ENCENS d'AUROVILLE Cones by Maroma

To breathe is to live. To breathe the air of an area scented with incense prepared by Maroma brings a more mindful experience. At Maroma, they believe this is most important. That is the reason for creating Encens d'Auroville. Following this tradition they use only natural botanical essence blended to perfection in their products. Maroma has 34 years’ practice in the perfected skill of producing impeccably balanced natural aromas. At Maroma, business is done with a growing mindfulness and compassion towards the local and global environment. Only adults, mostly women, are employed from the local villages returning 45% of net profits back Auroville and surrounding village to aid in constrictive development.

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ENCENS d' AUROVILLE Vanilla Cone Incense ENCENS d'AUROVILLE Opium Flower Cone Incense
Vanilla has a velvety, high quality aroma that uplifts and delights and is very comforting. Contains Lemon, Clove, Orange, Vanilla fragrances blended with natural essential oils mixed into sandalwood powder. Each box holds 10 cones burn time approx. 25 minutes This mysterious incense is perfect for creating a tranquil mood and finding your personal space. Ingredients include rosewood, olibanum resin, oakmoss absolute fragrances blended with essential oils and premium sandalwood powder. Each box holds 10 cones.