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Morning Star Incense by Nippon Kodo

Morning Star Incense by Nippon Kodo, is an elegantly crafted product created from rare and fragrant aromatic wood base, high quality pure floral essence and oils. Currently Morning Star Incense is one of the more popular Japanese joss stick style incense products on the market. This is very fine incense that is suitable for daily use in most any event or environment.

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Morning Star Amber Japanese Incense Morning Star Musk Japanese Incense Morning Star Rose Japanese Incense
This lovely subtle one of a kind fragrance of amber. The aroma of amber is pleasingly soft and sweet. It is known for its relaxing and comforting effects. This fragrance is sure to enhance any living area. 200 sticks per box This is a very familiar and well loved fragrance to many people, with its earthy, mysterious and sensual aroma is sure to bring a pleasure to any living space or event. Each box has 200 incense sticks and a ceramic holder is included. The rose aroma has been long linked with love and romance. The rose aroma is believed to be quite useful in releasing feelings of jealousy, anger and grief. This is a very useful scent for use in aromatherapy.  200 stick box with a ceramic holder is included.
Morning Star Sandalwood Japanese Incense Morning Star Vanilla Japanese Incense Morning Star Memosa Japanese Incense
Sandalwood is best known best for the sublime woody and gentle sweet characteristic. This is incense has been cherished by the humbly poor to royalty. Sandalwood is by far the most popular incense aroma. 200 sticks and a ceramic holder is included. This is a delicate high quality vanilla incense. Most people are touched by the sweet, cozy, comforting aroma. Vanilla  a perfect fragrance for setting the mood for romance. 200 incense and a ceramic holder are included. A light uniquely soft and fresh citrus scent with soft vanilla undertones.  A very fascinating incense that you are sure to treasure. Mimosa is believed to help relieve depression, stress and anxiety. 200 sticks and a small ceramic holder included.
Morning Star Lotus Japanese Incense Morning Star Yuzu Japanese Incense Morning Star Iris Japanese Incense
This traditional Japanese style incense creates a mood of tranquility and peace of mind. Lotus is a wonderful daily use incense with its floral essence and aromatic woods that fill the air. 200 sticks and a ceramic holder is included.
Create a space for meditation, prayer and/or yoga with this amazing incense. This fragrance of refreshing Yuzu citrus will awaken your well being. 200 sticks and a ceramic holder is included.
A graceful flower at bloom. Iris has been loved for over 40 years and will continue to be used as a daily burn with it's floral fragrance and aromatic woods undertones. 200 sticks and a ceramic holder is included.
Morning Star Frankincense Japanese Incense
Give this warm, sweet and soothing Frankincense a try. This will be as close to burning resin without having to pull out the charcoal. Frankincense is known reduce stress, boost immune system and improve one's spiritual self. Each package contains 200 sticks and small ceramic tile burner. Burn time 25-30 min