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Mothers Fragrance Nag Champa Incense

Mother's Fragrance incense is hand crafted and rolled in accordance to the traditional masala technique from the finest environmentally responsible ingredients. The method used is known as the "masala" technique - meaning mixture. An assortment of aromatic resins, flowers, essential oils, herbs, leaves, and wood powders are incorporated. Other more specific ingredients are added to give this incense it’s one of a kind characteristic. Some of these are Orris root is added to impart sweetness. Clove, Saffron, cinnamon, sage, nutmeg, sweetbriar and thyme provide a delightful diversity of subtle aromatic notes. Then a rare and precious resinous ingredient is added, Mattias or Halmaddi as its base. This resin provides the fragrances’ its sweet aroma and with the addition of honey makes the sticks soft to the touch. Halmaddi is not often used in lesser quality due to cost and scarcity. Their main objective is to produce very fine quality handmade products designed to meet today's tastes and to generate attractive employment opportunities for young women in the local community. Additionally a portion of the proceeds from sale of the products are donated to international efforts to promote World peace and the economic development of the poor. Please note these are the large 20 stick package not the 12 stick

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Mother's India Ananda Nag Champa Mother's Indian Ganesh Nag Champa Mother's Indian Vishnu Nag Champa
Mother's India Ananda Nag Champa under the nose this stick is heavily floral, with a super sweetness that promises much. Created on an already floral base of plumeria and sandalwood, this deeply satisfying recipe adds jasmine, rose, ylang ylang, lavender to the bouquet. Layered in are the more woody cedarwood and patchouli, the spicy coriander and thyme, and the sweetening effects of Peruvian balsam and benzoin. Large package with 20 sticks.
Ganesh Nag Champa is deeply exotic recipe. Based on the hammadi and plumeria along with sandalwood that characterizes all of the Mother's Fragrance line, the blend then uses a variety of lavenders as well as rosemary and rose to achieve a beautiful top note. Add amber and patchouli in a delicate balance and you have an herbal and spicy classic that will outlast other scents and fads. 20 handcrafted sticks per package. Packaged for Peace!

Vishnu Nag Champa is a recipe with a base of hammadi and sandalwood as well as plumeria, with additional ingredients that give it a complex and exotic scent. With a blend of the woody inputs of saffron, cedar and oak moss, it is a genuine treat for the sense of smell, one that enchants and elevates the spirit. 20 handcrafted sticks per package. Packaged for Peace!

Mother's Indian Shanti Nag Champa Mother's Indian Lakshmi Nag Champa
Mother's Shanti Nag Champa, in addition to the necessary ingredients of sandalwood and plumeria Mothers adds in the essence of another source of floral bliss, the golden champa flower which comes from an Asian tree in the magnolia family. The artisans have added a bit of rose and jasmine to the recipe for a sweet treat for the soul. This fragrance may help promote an atmosphere suitable for prayer and meditation. 20 handcrafted sticks per package. Packaged for Peace!

Lakshmi nag champa is a companion scent to Shanti nag champa, it is a lighter version of the timeless recipe. As such it still has a delightful sandalwood and plumeria base, with accents of rose and jasmine floating on the top. One aspect of the unlit stick is a strong resemblance to the fragrance of baby powder, no doubt because of the rose involved. However this aroma is not as sweet as the Shanti. 20 handcrafted sticks per package. Packaged for peace.