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Mountain Naturals Resin Sticks

Gum Resins are the foundation of all true incense, however figuring out how to burn the resin in a stick form is very tricky indeed. The intention is to allow the full impact of the pure resin to be true to its aromatic nature. The pure resins are subjected to a five to six step process before it goes on the stick. The final resin product is then adhered to the stick with the resins pure essential oil. This makes the burning of pure resin incense a much less complicated process. This is a very complicated and expensive art. Experience the art of burning natural resin simply by lighting a stick.
Each stick burns approximately 2 hours. ***What is left on the site for Mountain Natural and Rare Essence collection is ALL that is left. We will no longer be purchasing/stocking from that company so please grab up your favorites. We are working on bringing in a replacement. I suggest using the Nature Nature Line - Pure Resin Incense.***

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Mountain Naturals Resin Sticks Benzoin
Mountain Natural's Benzoin Resin Stick is a sweet green floral scent of pine. This natural incense stick is known for healing, energizing and uplifting you spirits. Take the time to experience this natural resin simply by lighting the stick. 12 10" sticks burn time approx. 2 hours