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Nature Nature Resin Over a Stick Incense

Their incenses are handmade and hand-rolled from high quantity ingredients, and sun-dried. The resins, herbs, powders and oils that are used for the variety of scents are all natural, of the best quality, and as fresh as possible. This is very long lasting incense each 10 inch stick can last over an hour of burn time. The aroma is just as intense as the resins they are made so one stick may be extinguished and lit several times.

*** Get the last ones that are left before they are gone. We are no longer stocking this product ***

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Nature Nature Frankincense and Myrrh - Roman Incense Nature Nature Frankincense and Patchouli Nature Nature Frankincense and Cedar Incense
Pairing the two resins, the burning stick produces a pungent, tangy smoke that is clearly resinous, but with hints of floral and citrus.  A wonderful aroma that gives the room a Mediterranean flavor that is uplifting and calming at the same time. Package has 10 long burning sticks. The patchouli is dominating the blend and the frankincense playing a supportive role. For lovers of patchouli  this recipe is a must to try. Prepared from the finest natural resins and pure essential oils. Each pack comes with 10 very long burning  sticks. With frankincense and cedar sharing the stage, the incense maker has put together two of the most ancient and most loved scents together in a powerful blend in this fine incense. It is sure to please. Each pack comes with 10 very long burning sticks.
Nature Nature Frankincense Benzoin Resin Incense Nature Nature Patchouli w/ Dragons Blood Incense
The pairing of Frankincense and Benzoin makes for soothing yet rejuvenating incense to burn daily. Great for home, office and/or ritual place while it sets your mind free of exhaustion. Each pack comes with 10 very long burning sticks.

Patchouli and Dragons Blood incense is two very popular fragrances come together. When burned in ritual use, it can be a powerful aid in seeking spiritual and personal growth and Dragon's Blood known for increasing the potency of your rituals.  Package has10 long burning sticks.