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Here are newly added and exciting brand new products. If there is an item you can not find, please send me an email and I will see if I can locate it for you.

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Gift Certificate Incense-Incense KCC Lavender Mint Incense Cones Enjoy Nature Natural Mosquito Sticks
Gift Certificates now available through Incense-Incense. Not sure what kind of gift to chose for your loved one?? Here is a simple solution!! You can select any  value of your choosing for the gift card after you choose a delivery method: via email or sent through usps in envelope with a sample of incense. Expires one year from date of purchase. KCC Lavender Mint Cones is great for that evening burn to assist in winding down for the day. With its hints of spearmint its sure to relieve that headache or stress that's got you down. Cone burns for approximately 30 min. Clean burn and less smoke. 10 cones per pack. 100% Natural Outdoor Mosquito Sticks are your NATURAL choice for your OUTDOOR mosquito repellent. No more chemical sprays or toxic candles!! Made by using ONLY plant oils and wood powders including: citronella, lemongrass, rosemary, peppermint, geranium and clove. Safe for us, the environment and wildlife. Each stick burns for 2 hours and covers 100 square feet. Each box contains 6 stick at 10 inches and will repel unwanted bugs for 2-4 hours depending on winds.
Tibetan Holy Basil (Tulsi) Incense Morning Star Myrrh Japanese Incense Sacred Feather Sage Wand - Utah
As the Divine representative of Lord Krishna Basil not mere plant. It is known as "King of Plant". This incense makes for great mosquito barrier, uplifting effect on depression, and to sharpen your skills. A true basil with mint undertones. Burn time for each stick is 60 min. Package contains 30 5” sticks and a small wooden holder. Myrrh is an inviting fragrance that is spicy yet sweet. Myrrh is known to purify the air and set vibrations for meditation. Each package contains 200 sticks and small ceramic tile burner. Burn time 25-30 min Sacred Feather Sage Wand. All botanicas are selected and harvested then hand bundled, each with a sacred blessing. Each bundle is filled with 5 aromatic herbs: Copal, Lavender, Juniper, White Sage and Rosemary Leaves. As with all our smudging products they are responsibility and ecologically harvested by hand, handcrafted and tied. These are a full 9 plus inches long.
Juniper Wand Tibetan Black Clay Rope Holder KCC Moroccan Nights Massage Candle
Juniper Wand
Our Price: $9.75
This Large Juniper Wand contains Cedar and California White Sage. Juniper is known as a protection herb. Great for placing a sprig at your front door to protect you(rs) and your home from evil. As with all our smudging products they are responsibility and ecologically harvested by hand, handcrafted and tied. These are a full 8 plus inches long. This handmade Tibetan Black Clay Rope Holder is a multi-purpose holder for Tibetan dhoop/stick, stick and rope. Just as seen in the picture (two different size holes). It is 3 inches in diameter and catches ash very well. Colors will differ between the blacks as they are handmade in the village. Take Moroccan Nights massage candle and Moroccan Nights premium cone created by KKC and set one smooth evening with hints of musk, vanilla and other woody base notes. Other ingredients: Mango Butter, Beeswax, Babassu Butter, Jojoba Oil, Illipe Butter, other natural and essential oil blends. Candle is 3 x 2. Reusable tin and candle weighs approx 8oz.  Always test small patch of skin first before using as massage candle.
Stone Pyramid Oil Diffuser Kapala Resin Skull Box (multi-purpose) Handmade Glazed Omani "Mejmar" Incense Burner
It's an amazing hand carved design that comes in three parts and stands approx. 5 inches tall. This pyramid stone oil diffuser is quite a rare and intricate piece that's sure to fill your area with beautiful light reflections and aromas. Use a tea light candle within the base. Made in India. Try your favorite Incense King Fragrance Oil with this burner. This ornate hand carved Tibetan Skull Box is also known as a "skullcap". It is used during Tibetan rituals. Completely made from resin/hydrostone mix and is hand painted/carved. This multi-purpose trinket box can be use for holding incense, ash, and/or a make shift cone burner. Your imagination will grow with possibilities as this amazing piece separates and the top of skull is easily removed to add items. Also includes handle like a coffee mug. 5x5x3 and weighs approx 1 pound 7 ounces. Colors can differ with paint Handmade Omani "Mejmar" Incense Burners are an age old craft from Oman. The clay industry has been been around for thousands of years in the Sultanate of Oman. Mejmars are in every home in Oman as a sign of hospitality. A great way to enjoy harmonious scents with resins, oils and woods. Ceramic, glazed white, 7-8 inches tall, 3 inches wide, designs can vary. Use charcoal.