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Nippon Kodo Mainichi-Koh Daily Incense

Nippon Kodo Traditional Daily Incense) has been the most beloved incense by Japanese people since 1912. It is widely-known brand and boasts some of the best deals on very high grade incense on the market. Mainichi-Koh has the longest shelf life and most Japanese incense improve with time. The Mainichi-Koh brand is the No.1 selling brand in Japan.

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Mainich-koh Viva Japanese Incense Sagano Patchouli Japanese Incense Nippon Kodo Daigen-Koh Incense
The recipe is is the same as the sandalwood in the larger quantity yellow box. (Mainichi-koh Sandalwood) in a smaller 40 stick bundles. This incense main ingredient is the highest quality sandalwood from India, with additional herbal ingredients. The stick is very slender and a pleasing green in color, with an under the nose delight of fine sandalwood and a hint of other mysteries. Single roll only, picture depicts full box. 5.5" Long Sticks wrapped 40 stick bundles
SAGANO - "Sagano Plains of Kyoto" This is another great one from the master craftsmen at Nippon Kodo. This graceful incense offers a deep and warm sandalwood aromas with the sweet bitterness of the patchouli charm, plus exyra notes of soft floral. This has the quality of fine Japanese incense at a rock bottom price. This a must try. About 50 - 5.5" sticks per roll. With a burn time of approx. 30 minutes.
Daigen-Koh is very traditional rosewood incense, very delicate, pleasantly lingering but never overwhelming long after it has burned.This incense is ideal for creating a quiet mood and those times of deep thought, inspiration and meditation. Each box contains thirty 10" sticks, with a burn time of approximately 60 minutes.
Nippon Kodo Tendan Sandalwood Incense Mainichi-koh Sandalwood Japanese Incense Zuiun Selected Aloeswood  Incense
Nippon Kodo has brought this incense back due to popular demand. This is a fine Japanese Sandalwood incense which is priced so reasonable it is by far the best deal on the market. Tendan translates to 'Heavenly Sandalwood.' This is a rich, gentle and sweet incense that will brighten any setting. 60 sticks per package. The recipe is primarily the highest quality sandalwood from India, with additional herbal ingredients. The stick is very slender and a pleasing yellow-green in color, with an under the nose delight of fine sandalwood and a hint of other mysteries. The fragrance of the smoke is as Nippon describes it, full-bodied, and complex, with the dominant note of byakudan providing the sense of smell with a sonata of simplicity, and a poem of tranquility. A daily experience not to be missed. Each package contains 300 sticks.
Zuiun Selected Aloeswood is a fine example of a venerated recipe made by a talented organization of artists. It is made using high quality aloeswood, the finest sandalwood, a bit of benzoin, some floral and herbal ingredients, and a hint of balsam for a woodsy note. It is a complex blend that rewards the user with a symphony for the nose, calming and inspiring at the same time. 1 bundle 50 5.5 inch joss sticks Burning is time approx. 25 minutes per stick
Nippon Kodo Byakudan Eiju Sandalwood Incense Mainich-koh Kyara  Japanese Incense Kohden Spicy Aloeswood Incense
EIJU – translated to "Long Life" Is offers a smooth, comforting and warm sandalwood aroma, this is a great incense and is commonly used for daily use. This incense is primarily based on a very high percentage premium sandalwood as to make that the predominate fragrance along with a touch of very carefully selected spices to enhance the aroma. Approx. 50-55 51/2" sticks 30 minute burn time

Nippon Kodo Mainich-koh Kyara - Aloeswood Deluxe This is only one type of Kyara/Aloeswood incense from the Mainichi-Koh (daily incense) line. Enjoy this elegant and authentic fragrance of genuine Kyara/Aloeswood. This is a price that I do not think Nippon Kodo can continue for much longer, due the the outrageous cost of raw aloeswood. This is a must try and do stock up.
300 sticks per package burn time approx. 30 min. per stick
This is is an exceptional quality incense. Kohden sweet aloeswood incense uses the pure essential oil the lusciously sweet aloeswood from the Shamu Aloeswood trees of Indochina . Then this precious oil is blended with fine quality sandalwood base and other select ingredients. 40 sticks per package with a ceramic holder