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Nitiraj Original

Nitiraj Original incense is arguably, the premier incense fragrances ever made. It has been most frequently used to set a contusive atmosphere for relaxation, yoga and meditation. This incense is prepared by using only the finest natural materials and was the first incense originally made by Nitiraj. It was introduced on the European market in 1979. The original Nitiraj incense brand has been indorsed by yoga, meditation, feng shui instructors for over 30 years in Europe. Now to our delight it is available worldwide.

This incense type is known as Masala which means spice. This incense is made from a verity of all natural aroma oils, forest botanical products, spices and fragrant herbs. This is why the incense will remain somewhat soft and powdery and is the cause of the slow burning quality. These masala incense sticks will usually burn for up to an hour and leave a lovely lingering aroma for hours.
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Nitiraj Original Incense 12gm
Offering 12 grams for those that want to try a smaller package, give as a gift or have a small budget week. Nitiraj Original has been available throughout Europe for over 30 years. This Masala Incense has been endorsed by yoga, feng shui instructors and meditation rituals. This incense has special qualities that are very unique in its formula. All natural fragrant botanicals, herbs, select spices and pure essence oils. Each package contains 12 grams approx 8 sticks.