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Nitiraj Platinum

Nitiraj Platinum is the most premium brand of incense that is now available with Incense-Incense. A fair trade product that is hand crafted in Indian. Nitiraj has been manufacturing natural slow burning incenses since 1978. This amazing fragrance includes Dragons Blood, English Rose, Frankincense, Ganesh, Kama Sutra, Lavender, Meditation, Nirvana, Om, Patchouli, Prosperity, and Sandalwood. Each box of Incense comes in 25 gram packages with a burn time of approximately 1 hour.

Experience this delightful incense type as it's known as Masala which means spice. Nitiraj incense is made from a verity of all natural aroma oils, forest botanical products, spices and fragrant herbs. This is why the incense will remain somewhat soft and powdery and is the cause of the slow burning quality. These masala incense sticks will usually burn for up to an hour and leave a lovely lingering aroma for hours.