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Organic Herbs

We are offering the most ample selection of certified organic herbs and botanical products from all over the world. These herbs and botanicals are used for craft, culinary and therapeutic purposes. Whether they are powdered, cut or whole the goal is to provide ethically grown and properly harvested products through fair trade practices. As with all herbs please use caution, consult your practitioner and research before use. Especially if pregnant, nursing and/or on medications. Will be provided in one ounce bags.

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Organic Cat's Claw Bark Organic Juniper Berries Organic Lemon Grass
Organic Cat's Claw Bark
Our Price: $1.45
Organic Juniper Berries
Our Price: $1.45
Organic Lemon Grass
Our Price: $2.45
Uncaria Tomentosa, una-de-gato (Cat's Claw Bark) is known as a gate opener to the vessel (our body). So to speak to "clear" obstructions and find the 'Chi" within self. Assist is spiritual balance and release old ties that should be cut. Used as a tincture or tea. Sold in once ounce bags. Cut and Sifted

Juniperus Communis, common juniper (Juniper Berry) is know to ward off evil and the removal of demons. Cleanses the bodies liquid flow (water retention), used for making incense, teas, extract and/or for flavoring. Do not use if pregnant or suffering from kidney issues. Sold in once ounce bags. Whole Berries. Dried.

Cymbopogon Citratus, fever grass (Lemon Grass) is a tropical plant with a lemon-like fragrance. Lemon Grass is known to ward off evil, bring good luck in love and to enhance romance.Lemon Grass can be used in teas, cosmetics, soaps, incense and more. Sold in once ounce bags. Cut and Sifted

Organic Spearmint Leaf Organic Red Clover & Flower Herb Organic Anise Star Pods
Organic Spearmint Leaf
Our Price: $2.45
Organic Anise Star Pods
Our Price: $2.45
Mentha Spicata (Spearmint Leaf domestic) is known as a powerful healing herb. In Ancient Egypt Spearmint was used for menstrual pains, intestinal issue, indigestion, soothing power to fight off infection. Used in teas, incense and culinary creations. Sold in once ounce bags. Cut and Sifted

Trifolium Pratense (Red Clover Herb) is know to ward off evil spirits, protection of self and surroudings, and the blessing of animals. A Red Clover ritual bath is to attract money and prosperity to the one soaking. For evil spirits use as a floor wash to chase them out. Used in teas, capsules and extracts. Sold in once ounce bags. Cut and Sifted

Illicium Verum, takkola, Anise Estrella (Anise Star) is a licorice flavoring/aroma to most teas, extract and cooking. However is known to ward off the Evil Eye when a conjure bag is made up. Will bring good luck, love, money and powerful visions. makes wonderful pairs with other herbs for incense. Sold in once ounce bags. Whole

Organic Rue Herb Organic Bay Leaves
Organic Rue Herb
Our Price: $3.45
Organic Bay Leaves
Our Price: $3.95
Ruta Graveolens, Herb of Grace (Rue Herb) is used in both medical and magical practices. Rue is known for a protection herb as the Romans believed it could protect the user from the Evil Eye. It can be used in baths, soaps, teas, tinctures, floor wash, to make candles and carried in pouches. Not for use in pregnancy and should be used with caution. Sold in once ounce bags. Cut and Sifted

Laurus Nobilis (Bay Leaves) also known as sweet bay and sweet laurel, bay was used to crown the victor of games in ancient Greece and Rome. Bay is magically associated with success, wisdom and divination. You can write and wish on a bay leaf and burn it, or sleep with it under your pillow for dreams and guidance. If burned make sure area is well ventilated, for the smoke can be mildly hallucinogenic. Also safe for cooking. Sold in once ounce bags.