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Parimal Yatra Indian Incense

Parimal Handcrafted Incense are painstakingly and traditionally prepared, being hand crafted they offer a pure and uniquely distinctive product. They offer this high quality incense to the valued customers with a very unique fragrance called Yatra. Their goal and mission is to enchant the world with their captivating aroma. Yatra's pleasing and rich aroma is unparalleled in the incense world of today.

Parimal is committed deeply to preserving and conserving the environment and its natural resources; the entire production cycle is environmentally sustainable and friendly as well as being based on all natural Eco-friendly products. Parimal uses proven scientific methods of product sourcing, cultivation and harvesting. The facilities generate no polluting effluents into the environment whatsoever and there are no hazardous processes utilized in the manufacturing cycle. The manufacture process is conducted with minimal electrical consumption.