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Quality Japanese Incense

Japanese Incense making necessitates significant skill and attention. The expert blending of traditional components is done to ensure proper balance and superiority. Made by incredibly skilled artisans, these secret skills and formulations have been passed down through the oral tradition over hundreds of years.

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Kunmeido Byakudankoh Japanese Incense Kokando Rangetsu Japanese Incense Shobikoh Fine Japanese Incense
If you appreciate outstanding incense this is for you. It is choice grade sandalwood that is mild and pleasant with a hint floral. This incense is inexpensive enough to burn every day or for meditation. Each roll Contains: Approx.45 8 inch sticks. This is surprisingly affordable floral sandalwood without the sharp and bitter notes of a lower end Sandalwood. This quality incense offers a smooth sandalwood base with notes of cinnamon and with a touch of eucalyptus. Each Roll Contains: Approx. 30 - 9 inch sticks. Shobikoh Incense is a lovely, light incense with a traditional blend of Sandalwood with the light, spicy touch of Cinnamon and clove. This Premium quality Japanese incense possesses a highly memorable aroma with a long 60 minute burn time. About 50 8.5" sticks.
Aloeswood Fine Quality Japanese Incense
This is a very nice woody, slightly sweet and smooth. It emits a gentle yet noble aroma with a very sight touch of bitterness. It is very pleasant to the nose with the traditional quality Aloeswood fragrance. This is a good entry incense to experience Aloeswood incense. 60 6 inch sticks in a white cardboard tube.