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Ramakrishnananda Quality Masala Incense

Ramakrishnananda's Incense is Hand-Rolled, crafted and formulated from only the finest natural products that are available. Every stick lovingly prepared from only a premium variety of flowers, fine resins and specially selected herbs. These ingredients are ground, blended and then combined with pure quality oils in a pure sandalwood base. All Ramakrishnananda's incense is manufactured in cottage industry markets providing a living wage and benefits to their employees. The products are produced in a globally conscious manner.

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Ramakrishnananda Bala Krishna Incense Ramakrishnananda Ganga Incense Ramakrishnananda Gokula Incense
Bala Krishna Ramakrishnananda's Lovely aroma of Saffron & Frankincense will delight you with it's purity, sweetness and innocence. Each stick is hand rolled iwith only the finest natural ingredients. 10 long burning sticks per pack.
Ganga Ramakrishnananda's Hand Rolled Cinnamon, Lavender & Jasmine all Natural Incense will tantalize your senses.Created in the name of “Goddess of heavenly ambrosia”. This incense is completely pure and natural and is manufactures in cottage industry environment to support the community.

Gokula Ramakrishnananda's a skilfully handcrafted blend of Myrrh, Vanilla & Tulsi Incense. Transcend to “The supreme plane” A blissful spiritual abode of awakening and pure love,devotion and bliss. All natural and pure.10 long burning sticks per package.

Ramakrishnananda Gopinatha Incense Ramakrishnananda Lalita Incense Ramakrishnananda Madhurya Rasa Incense
Gopinatha Ramakrishnananda's all Natural Hand Rolled all natural incense with Iris, Daffodil and Jasmine named for “Lord of the Gopis” bringing surrender, unconditional love and friendship. Absolutely 100% pure and natural ingredients. 10 long burning sticks per packaged.

Ramakrishnananda Lalita - This Divine aroma is created with Sandalwood, Musk and variety of herbs and resins uniquely blended together with pure and essential oils. This age old fragrance will help invite a sense of serenity , love with life and the wonderful creations of nature. 10 long burning sticks per package

Ramakrishnananda‘s Madhurya Rasa defines the “Attachment to the divine in conjugal love" This sensually pleasing  aroma is created with Khus & Almond as well as variety of herbs and resins uniquely blended . Only the finest and purest natural ingredients are used. 10 long burning incense sticks per package.
Ramakrishnananda Narasingha Dev Incense Ramakrishnananda Vrinda Devi - Nag Champa Incense Ramakrishnananda Gati incense
Ramakrishnananda‘s Narasingha Dev Protector from dangers and conqueror of demons and enemies“ This wonderful soothing aroma Frankincense Champa highlighted by other natural aromas in this carefully blended fragrance. 10 long burning sticks per package. The sweet and appealing Nag Champa fragrance of the Vrinda Devi incense brings back memories of sweet moments. Each incense stick hand rolled and made out of the finest and purest natural products available. 10 long burning incense sticks per package. Enrich your day with the sweet aroma of sandalwood blended with the base note of musk and the warmth of amber. Collectively these fragrances will remain in your personal space while you meditate or just enjoy your day.10 sticks per package.
Ramakrishnananda Shubha incense Ramakrishnananda Incense Gift Set
Enrich your meditation practice, or simply enjoy this silky fragrance blended together in an ancient mixture that delivers the floral passion of jasmine, soothing quality of lavender, the passionate essence of rose and the beautifully feminine fragrance of the lily blossom. 10 sticks per package. "When I'm lost in love, I find myself in you." This gift set creates the mood of romance and longing for your loved one. Each set contains 3 packets of the Harmony Incense Line and a very unique Bamboo Burner that holds extra incense. Each packet is hand-rolled using flowers, resins, oils and sandalwood to create the utmost dynamic energies for that special moment. The Ramakrishnananda Incense included is: Ragini Todi~ Tropical Fruit, Jasmine, and Sandalwood; Ragini Gaudi~ Sweetgrass and Eastren Bouquet; Ragini Bhairavi~ Rose and Vanilla. If you are looking for more packets from the Ramakrishnananda please look under Indian Incense. Each packet comes with 10 long burning sticks and the Bamboo holder is approx 9 by 2.5 inches.