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Rare Essence Incense Collection

Masterfully crafted & superbly sublime. Delightfully intense without being overpowering. This line of Incense is manufactured exclusively for The Incense Works. The entire series of incense is created to a demanding quality criteria utilizing only premium fragrant ingredients, comprised of both resins and aromatic woods as well as all natural precious fragrance and essential oils. Every fragrance is masterfully crafted with unique formulations. They are intense yet sublime without being overpowering. Great for that beautiful background aroma for any living, work or personal space.

We know you will enjoy these superb products, they are the height of the incense maker's art.***What is left on the site for Mountain Natural and Rare Essence collection is ALL that is left. We will no longer be purchasing/stocking from that company so please grab up your favorites. We are working on bringing in a replacement. I suggest using the Nature Nature Line - Pure Resin Incense.***