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You may have heard about resin incense, but you may not know too much about it, and it does carry a little mystique. Resin is really the original incense, as it comes from refined tree and plant sap and has been used all over the world for thousands of years. The aromas produced by myrrh, frankincense, benzoin, copal, pinon, and dragons blood resins are deep and rich. Few stick type incenses can match the unique fragrance quality of Gourmet Resin Incense. Try some and enjoy!
These prices are for one ounce, if larger quantities are required please contact me.

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Golden Copal Resin Incense Frankincense Clear Granular Resin Incense Amber Resin 5gm
Amber Resin 5gm
Our Price: $3.75
Golden Copal resin has a bit more rich and smoother fragrance than the white verity and more interesting overtones. These are mostly pea size up to 1/2". Copal incense is made from tree resin that has been used for hundreds of years for various rituals. It is originally from South America. Sold per ounce.

This particular frankincense has been carefully graded into small pure clear grains. This is the same as Frankincense but just more carefully selected and graded. Granular Frankincense Resin Incense is used to enhance your concentration and focus during meditation. Smaller pea size tears. 1oz. per package. A favorite for many that enjoy a sweet, warm aroma that soothes your heart and mind into a pure relaxing state. This fragrant piece is used without being burned (see our celestial resin boxes holders). If burnt be aware it is very potent, use only a small amount, let disperse throughout room do not breathe smoke directly. Can also be worn on the skin (take into consideration of your personal skin allergies before using as a perfume). 1 piece approx 5 gram package (10 grams shown in picture).
Frankincense Select Resin Incense White Copal - Indonesia Pinon Natural Select Pine Resin Incense
White Copal - Indonesia
Our Price: $4.95
Frankincense select grade is more carefully collected and is a little higher quality and has few less impurities. Frankincense is used for various purposes, it is thought to help in purifying the atmosphere from undesirable germs. In Indian culture, it is believed that burning frankincense daily in the house brings good health. 1oz. per package

Gum Damar (also known as white copal) has a gentle, soft and warming fragrance. Gum Damar (Copal) is a deeply aromatic resin that is cleansing, refreshing and is burned to help to purify your environment and help to create meditative atmosphere. This resin is wild harvested and that of white to yellow in colour. This resin is supplied by the ounce.
The resin is from species of pines that are native to Southern California and throughout the South West. The resin is sometimes sticky and the scent is full and sweet. Pinon resin is believed to increase the focus of mind and is a beneficial aid in meditation. It refreshes and supports a weary inner spirit. This has been harvested with love and blessings just for us out of New Mexico. Best to keep the traditional ways and burn on charcoal in a ceramic bowl and/or make your own resin. Sold by the ounce.

Black Frankincense Resin - Magseel Hojari Premium Frankincense Myrrh Resin - Yemen
Myrrh Resin - Yemen
Our Price: $7.30
Black Frankincense (Magseel) has a scent of an orange with a spicy kick and is known to cleanse the air and keep negativity away. Frankincense in general is also great bug repellent. Black Frankincense (Magseel) is great for making frankincense oil as the humidity for the sea gives it the oily texture. Price is for one ounce bag. Premium White or also known as Premium Hojari Frankincense (Boswellia Sacra) is a resin that is from the Dhofar region. This very pure resin has no bark and is used in that region of the world as medical grade. A very beautiful white, pale yellow with a greenish tint. Beautiful aroma when simmering. Price is for one ounce bag. This amazing Myrrh from Yemen looks like yummy rock candy. Myrrh is an ancient sweet spice with many medicinal properties. In Yemen they choose to chew and simmer in their burners. Price is for one ounce bag.
Kyphi  Resin Royal Green Frankincense Resin
Kyphi (Kapet), An Ancient Egyptian Temple Incense Resin that is a divine ambrosia for the Gods and can be used for all kinds of meditations, rituals and ceremonies. Made from sixteen ingredients Kyphi lends itself exceedingly well to all of the temple and ritual work which makes a perfect offering to the Deities of the night and may assist in those seeking prophetic dreams. Kyphi is best burned on charcoal or a small bed of Makko. Incense-Incense's personal recipe. Sold by the ounce Green Royal Hojari Frankincense (Boswella Sacra) is one of the finest resins to simmer in your burner. As the fragrance fills the area with citrus notes you will feel a calmness surrounding you. In Oman they use this as a medicinal grade resin. The tears are a beautiful white and green tint. This resin has traveled from the Dhofar region in Oman. Price is for one ounce bag.