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SAC Traditional Hand Crafted Natural Indian Incense

SAC - Sandesh Agarbathi Co. in the city of Bangalore, India began as a small cottage industry in 1970. The founder Mr. D.N.P. GUPTHA is a man with a robust and imaginative drive. Through seemingly endless experimentation he has become a forerunner in creating newer and amazing fragrance formulas. Then continued further testing until just the desirable strength is attained. He involved a select group of close friends to produce this hand crafted product only after extensive training in the trade. His main objective was to produce a product with strict adherence to quality and diversity.

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SAC Spiritual Master Cone Incense SAC Lavender Cone Incense SAC Patchouli Cone Incense
SAC spiritual Master incense is made with all natural aromatics and botanical products. This incense is believed to help guide you attain Spiritual excellence and aids in your path to enlightenment.

10 cones per pack with burner disk included.
SAC Lavender Incense all natural incense cones. Long known for its healing and therapeutic value, lavender essence can be found in many different products these days. It especially helpful in the aromatherapy practice. All the products consists mainly of natural forest products and pure oils.

10 cones per pack with burner disk included.

Patchouli has a very distinctive and familiar fragrance for many people. The introduction in the 60’s has made it very popular and is well known for its warm rich musky and earthy aroma. 10 cones per pack with burner disk included.

SAC White Sage Cone Incense SAC Sandalwood Cone Incense
Sage is used in rituals of purification and cleansing, such as creating a sacred space. It has a long history of use by Native Americans as a ceremonial herb in the form of smudge. Now with the convenience of an all natural incense cone.10 cones per pack with burner disk included. Sandalwood has a rich, warm, sweet and mild woody aroma that is refreshing as well as calming. Used traditionally in spiritual and many ceremonial rites, it also makes a great complement to any living space or meditation practice.
10 cones per pack with burner disk included.