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Seijudo Japanese Incense

Seijudo produces fine Japanese Incense formulated for little or no smoke. They strive diligently and keep all facet of the fine art of incense making very traditional. Creating some of the most premium products in the world. We are very privileged to carry a few.

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Shikobai Floral Smokeless Japanese Incense Towa Floral Scent Japanese Incense
This is a blend with a base of sandalwood, the dominant note is floral, but a very delicate and subtle one. The actual meaning of Shikobai is the Japanese apricot tree with red flowers. The stick is slightly thicker than other Japanese incenses, but when lit is almost smokeless, producing a scent that spreads rather than plumes into the room. It is a wonderfully sweet fragrance, strongly flowery, but not heavy at all. 210 sticks. Burn Time is approx. 25 min. The Seijudo Company specializes in blends that start with an aloeswood base, and then add distinctive and traditional herbal and floral ingredients. Tawa is a particularly fruity blend, with lavender, jasmine and other notes clearly present. The lit stick exudes its magic rather than overwhelming the space, and the floral is definitely the key note of the scent. Approx 200 sticks per box.