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The rarity of Agarwood is unfortunate as it is truly unique incense which has a significant place in history. It has been popular as incense for thousands of years, It is becoming very rare and therefor very expensive and hard to obtain. The most valued scented wood, Kyara (Highest Quality Aloeswood) Enjoy the scent that noblemen of the ancient Japanese imperial court enjoyed during incense ceremonies. Sandalwood is a very important ingredient in Japanese incense, in both traditional and modern formulas. Not unlike Aloeswood it too is becoming more and more difficult to obtain in its purest form.

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Nippon Kodo Mainichi Byakudan (Sandalwood) 3" Sticks Nippon Kodo Kyara Taikan Incense
This incense has an incredibly pure, elegant and sophisticated aroma, which promotes deep relaxation and is excellent for meditation. This is a very good way of trying the very best for very little expense. 24 short 3" sticks per package, with a burn time of approx. 15 minutes. Nippon Kodo Taikan - ""Great Prospects", The most respected fragrant wood, Taikan  is the very Highest Quality Aloeswood available) denotes to the very finest of incense. Kyara is regarded as the highest quality of Aloeswood. Enjoy a fulfilled moment and relax in the deep fragrance of Kyara.   Indulge in the fragrance that nobles of the early Japanese imperial court prized during incense ceremonies.  Each package contains 24 short 3" sticks with an approx. burn time 13 minutes.This is a very good way of trying the best for very little expense.