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How to Select Incense

Incense: With an overwhelming set of choices for choosing the right incense can be a little challenging – especially for beginners. The first basic rule is to stay away from the synthetic types which are really blank incense sticks (punk sticks) dipped into an unnatural fragrance with a chemical extender (not a healthy choice). Generally, the best incense is known to come from Japan, India, Nepal and Tibet and is usually hand crafted from only the finest all natural ingredients available, many of which having their recipes dating back hundreds of years.

Incense is a common feature in meditation sessions, but your choice of incense will largely depend on what type of feeling you want evoked from your senses. But before settling on the right fragrance, you’ll want to choose the form of incense that is just right for you. The easiest choices to burn are cone or stick incense. For these, finding the right incense holder (or burner) is quite easy; not the same case for resin incense, which requires a charcoal and a censer to burn and can be more time consuming as well.

For ease of use and some safety reasons, the best form to start with would be stick type incense. Stick incense comes in two types. There are the hand crafted type where pure ingredients are hand rolled on to a bamboo stick. Then there are the extruded Joss stick type that are pure blends of incense and these generally are a product of Japan both of which will typically burn longer than cone type. Once you’re past selecting the type you like, fragrance will be the next consideration. You’ll want to go for something that fits different times and moods.

Incenses can help to enhance your mood and energy, so it’s worth experimenting with many different types to find out which one works best for you. Always remember to purchase and burn high quality incense! Here are some articles that may help you to decide what will work best for you. Live, Love and Burn Incense…. Roger M. 3-23-2015