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Tara Aromatic Center Tibetan Incense is completely hand crafted and prepared in accordance to a Tibetan medical system that is several hundred years old, and is strictly composed of specific sacred pure and natural herbs, spices and other selected botanicals in accordance to the formulas contained in the ancient text. This type of Tibetan style incense is bit thicker than most other incense, it is pure essence and it does not contain any type of stick. It is pure incense and made by Monks add Tibetan refugees from the same recipes used by the ancients, handed down from generation to generation. The resulting aroma is very fresh, pure and sometimes somewhat medicinal (which many times has various positive healthful effects). Prepared by: Tibetan refugees at the Tashi Choeling Monastery, India.

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Tara Manjusheri Tibetan Incense Tara Mani Tibetan Incense Tara Meditation Tibetan Incense
Tara Meditation Incense
Our Price: $3.95
Manjusheri Traditional Tibetan Incense is made from a myriad of herbs, spices, and indigenous botanical products. This incense is used for purification and, religious purposes. Release the tension of your stressful day with the help of Manjusheri Incense. Approx 25 sticks 5.5" sticks Tibetan Traditional Mani Incense is prepared with all natural indigenous ingredients, great for puja offerings,purification and meditation. This traditional made Tibetan incense is prepared by hand using therapeutic techniques from ancient Tibetan texts. Approx 25 sticks 5.5" sticks Per package. The incense formula is made from 31 purely natural herbal ingredients prepared entirely by hand according to a centuries old formula from the Tibetan Medical texts. Its soothing properties help not only to focus, but also helps in balancing the mind, body, and soul. Used for centuries to release stress and tension in preparation for quiet meditation. Approx 25 sticks 5.5" sticks Per package.
Tara Om Tibetan Incense Tara Rose Tibetan Incense Tara Zimpo 'B' Tibetan Incense
Tara Om Tibetan Incense
Our Price: $3.95
Om is made from aromatic herbs, resins, spices and medicinal aromatic botanical ingredients found in the high altitude regions of Tibet & Nepal. Hand crafted according to ancient sacred texts. Excellent for scared prayers, offerings, & purification. Approx. 25 sticks per package. This Incense is prepared with Red and White Sandalwood. Tara Aromatic incense is prepared with century old formulas.  It is intended for use in offerings, cleansing your home or sacred space. This incense is made by using only the finest medicinal herbs.The incense is used to relieve stress, depression and tension. Approx. 25 sticks per package. Zimpo traditional Tibetan herbal incense is carefully compounded from different herbal ingredients. Used for offering, meditation, or just to bring a pleasant aroma to a living area or space. Box of about 20 to 25 sticks which are 5 inches long. Made in India by the Tara Aromatic Centre by Tibetan refugees.