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Tibetan Rope Incense

Tibetan rope incense is made by monks living in monasteries and is prepared in the tradition of the Monastic Orders of Tibet. They craft the incense by hand through a process that involves bundling the ingredients in a special hand prepared rice paper, then rolling and twisting it into a small rope-like braided form. The result is more of a thick braided string than a rope which should be burnt in a metal dish or on an ash bed, special incense burner. This rope type of incense can produces a substantial amount of smoke, and it can quickly overpower a small room so use sparingly. Multi-Purpose Wooden Incense Burner With Storage works well with rope incense (A02-TIB4) or Tibetan Black Clay Rope Holder BHSR.
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Tibetan Lumbini Rope Incense 50 Sticks - 3.5"L Tibetan Tashi Rope Incense 50 Sticks - 3.5"L
Lumbini rope incense is for rituals and is formulated with 25 ingredient among which saffron, nagi, red & white sandalwood along with many other natural components. It is useful to prepare oneself for meditation or deep contemplation.  Package contains 50 ropes – 3.5" long. Tashi Rope Incense is one of the ancient traditional arts of the monastic orders of Tibet. This rope incense is composed of 30 ingredients including: saffron, nagi, red and white sandalwood. Made by hand in Nepal. Package contains 50 ropes – 3.5" long.