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Vijayshree Nag Champa Incense

The production of quality Incense entails the sourcing of all natural aromatic woods, roots, botanical products, leaves, gum resins, essential oils and much more. Using only the finest and globally responsible products, they are manufacturing some of the very finest and extremely popular incense product in the world! In house productions centers for making and the packaging of these fine incense products requires complete dedication to purity and quality. They have been creating traditional and original products since 1990. There are three manufacturing facilities based in Bangalore (South India) with a labor force of over 500, engaged in the day to day production activities. More than 1000 families share in the success. No child labor ever used!

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Vijayshree Golden Nag Meditation Incense
Vijayshree Golden Nag Meditation is a special incenses specifically formulated to aid and set the atmosphere for ones meditation practice. This divinely formulated incense fragrance may help cultivate the state suitable for meditation. 15 long burning sticks per pack.